Why don't I like children

I stand by it: I don't like children

Julia *, 24, has an antipathy towards children. And she feels sorry for parents. She explains why in the following.

"When a child is shown in our lecture, you can feel motherly feelings spill over. 'Oh, how sweet,' sigh my fellow students. I can't understand that. It's only like this with dogs. But children are noisy. Especially those on the train .

I commuted between Freiburg and Basel for a long time and acquired a narrow-eyed, threatening look. I always use it when schoolchildren get on board. They then continue to run quickly. Parents with young children, however, seem immune to it. You sit next to me and disturb me while studying. That annoys me. But sometimes I feel sorry for parents too.

In the supermarket, for example, when the children whine because they want something. I was the same as a kid. My parents couldn't really react at all. Ignoring, yelling, giving in - everything had negative consequences. So I help the parents with a different look: I open my eyes wide and look at the children admonishingly from above. Then they get scared of the tall stranger and are silent. I don't have a guilty conscience. After all, children are mean too. Nowhere is there so much bullied bullying as in elementary schools.

When I tell my friends that I am not a fan of children, I either encounter relieved faces from people who feel the same way. Or there is an embarrassed silence. The phrase 'That’s yet to come! ’Is also often used. To be honest, I hope so. Because at some point I want to have children too. After all, there must be something to the great feeling. I'm scared of missing out. And it would be a shame about my genes too. "

* Name changed by the editor