Can you smell pregnancy

How come my partner stinks like this since I was pregnant?

How do you deal with your stinker?

As we know, you have your hands full with your hormones! This ensures that you may not always act tactically, but let yourself be guided by your feelings and emotions. But: think about your poor partner too. Yes, it may stink (as far as your nose goes), but there is little he can do about it. Please don't forget, no one is happy to hear that they stink. Bring the topic as gently as possible. Explain to your partner what is happening to your body, what you are feeling and what you are smelling. He'll understand that. After all, you can't help it either. And neither does he. It's normal and just part of it. As soon as your baby is born, you can again lie in your arms for hours and sniff each other (when the baby sleeps then?). And as long as: Close your nose and get on with it! Don't reject all of his kisses and hugs. Be there for him too, because it is not always a picnic with a pregnant woman in the house. An extra tip: Make sure you have enough chewing gum in your pocket. That can help!

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