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Acne: diet is important

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Are there any foods for pimples? Acne skin benefits holistically from a conscious lifestyle.

“Some say that chocolate promotes pimples, others that the choice of food does not cause blemishes. The fact is that the right diet can have a positive effect on your health and complexion. "

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1. Acne: diet is very important
2. Do foods have a direct effect on acne?
3. Diet for pimples - the most common questions
4. Acne Diet: Checklist for Healthy and Skin-Friendly Foods

Acne: Diet is very important

Often times, when effective acne treatment is discussed, it is all about external treatment. Proper skin care makes up the majority of the success of the treatment: Special products such as the Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance care series are beneficial at every stage of your acne, regardless of whether you are affected by acute acne, suffer from late-onset acne or reduce your acne scars Want to achieve complexion.
Nevertheless, the skin disease is very complex and requires a holistic, mindful lifestyle. Food for pimples can have an impact on the appearance of our skin. It is therefore worthwhile to take a detailed look at the topic of nutrition for acne, because sometimes you can take a decisive step towards beautiful skin with it. In combination with the right care, you are well nourished - inside and out.

Acne Diet: Do Foods Have Direct Effects On Skin

The topic has been discussed among experts for a number of years. The fact is that a healthy and balanced diet has numerous positive influences on our body and our immune system.
Logically, our skin also benefits from this. Certain products and foods, however, are specifically suspected of promoting acne and blemished skin.

Diet against pimples - the most common questions

How should you eat if you have acne?

A diet against pimples should consist of natural and unprocessed foods as much as possible. Use seasonal produce, choose foods with anti-inflammatory properties, and season with fresh herbs. Turmeric is also known as an anti-inflammatory.

What foods should you eat for acne?

The right diet for acne is rich in (green) vegetables: whether as a smoothie, side dish, in soups or as raw vegetables. Fatty sea fish two days a week as well as whole grain products, low-sugar fruit and chicken are recommended for blemished skin. Whole grain pasta, rice or potatoes are suitable as a filling side dish.


Which foods should you avoid if you have acne?

White flour products such as rolls, bread and sweet pastries have an adverse effect on blood sugar levels. Eggs and dairy products are suspected of promoting inflammatory processes. This also applies to pork. You should avoid finished products and luxury foods such as sweets, alcohol and coffee as much as possible.

How harmful is sugar to the skin?

Do you love sweets, wheat flour products, chips and potatoes? Unfortunately, these foods have a very high glycemic index and have a significant effect on blood sugar levels. A high blood sugar level promotes inflammation in the body - and with it pimples and blemishes.

Is Chocolate Responsible For Pimples?

The moderate consumption of chocolate does not cause acne. Pure cocoa even has many health benefits. For example, it regulates blood sugar levels and contains antioxidants. Rather, the milk powder contained in chocolate and the high amount of sugar can cause skin problems.

Do Dairy Products Promote Acne?

Milk has long been suspected of causing pimples and blemishes. Because dairy products stimulate androgen activity, which means that they stimulate the formation of male hormones - the same hormones that are largely responsible for acne. Many people notice a significant improvement in their complexion when they do without milk and related products.

How do alcohol and cigarettes affect the skin?

Alcohol draws water out of the body and dries out the skin. In return, it promotes sebum production, which manifests itself in shiny skin and more impurities.
Smoking is also harmful to the skin: the substances in tobacco constrict the blood vessels, the blood supply to the body is poor and can no longer react as quickly to inflammatory reactions.

Acne Diet: Checklist for Healthy and Skin-Friendly Foods

Preferably consume these foods:

Green vegetables: Rocket, kale, spinach, and watercress are particularly recommended. The chlorophyll it contains supports the body in its detoxification processes.

Red berries: Their antioxidants counteract inflammatory reactions in the body. They are also considered to be low-sugar fruit.

Water and green tea: Drink a lot - still water is the best choice. With fresh fruits added, it delivers flavor. Green teas have anti-inflammatory properties.

Replace poor diets with acne-fighting foods

White bread / wholemeal bread: White flour products drive blood sugar levels high. Rely on whole grain products - even with pasta.

Milk chocolate / vegan dark chocolate: Milk powder and a high sugar content - not an issue with the vegan variant. Its high cocoa content scores with its antioxidant effect.

Cow's milk / oat, soy or almond milk: The herbal alternatives to cow's milk provide other valuable ingredients, such as vitamin E and folic acid.

Pork / Chicken, Fish: Arachidonic acid in pork promotes inflammation. Therefore, it is better to eat chicken in moderation and fatty sea fish twice a week.

Butter (lard) / margarine, olive oil, rapeseed oil: Replace butter and lard with healthy fats: margarine on bread, olive oil in salad, rapeseed oil when frying.

Frequently asked questions about diet for acne

Which diet to prioritize for acne?

An anti-acne diet should be balanced, wholesome and as natural as possible. The basis: seasonal vegetables, fruit, fresh herbs and whole grain products. It is better to avoid finished products, cow's milk, alcohol, pork, white flour products and sugar - they can promote inflammatory processes.
Which foods really help against pimples?

Foods with anti-inflammatory properties (e.g. turmeric) and with a low glycemic index (e.g. whole grain bread and legumes) promote a clean complexion. Green vegetables in particular also support the detoxification processes in the body; the antioxidants in red berries can counteract inflammatory skin reactions.

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