Why do teenagers celebrate

Many pubescent people only accept the cramped parental home (this feeling is independent of the number of square meters) for a birthday party if their legal guardians say goodbye for the duration of the party, if necessary also to the hotel. But not everyone likes the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving the home to the youngsters and their friends.

Parents can find places where younger teenagers in particular can party outside of the home (during the day), for example, on kindergeburtstag-planen.de: By specifying the postcode and the age of the birthday child, offers are served nearby, such as a visit to the climbing garden, Acting in the theater or making a professional short film in the Bavaria Filmstadt in Munich.

A visit to a karting or bowling alley is also mostly popular with young people, and many alleys have birthday offers. Instead of the traditional scavenger hunt from children's birthday parties, teenagers find geocaching, the modern GPS variant, more exciting - and like to solve age-appropriate tasks in order to find the "treasure".

Often it is also possible to rent rooms in youth centers for parties. Karaoke singing provides entertainment. Those who let teenagers celebrate at home will find encouragement on the advice page "Strong Parents": "There is also nothing against wild parties in your own house if you have agreed beforehand that house rules should be observed and respected." However, this should also be followed, after all, the principle of "consistency in bringing up children" also applies to young people - and their guests.

It may well be that your teenage boy invites his friends over Facebook & Co. ).

However, some young people might want to hand over an analogue invitation made of paper: You can find a template to print out under "cool party invitation" at kindergeburtstag-planen.de. Just don't tell your offspring on which side you discovered the design - the almost adults could be bothered by the name, after all, they don't want to celebrate a "child's birthday" anymore.

Are you still celebrating children's birthdays with younger siblings? Here you will find tips for planning, recipes and ideas for games for children of all ages.

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