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This text is maximally frequent for those who already know what the forex market is and at least know the elementary concepts. If you have no idea what this market is, or if you haven't heard of it in any way, I'll get an overly brief explanation below. Forex is short for In a Foreign Country Exchange Market. This is currently the largest and most liquid market in the world. One to a few trillion dollars exchange weapons on Forex every day. That's a huge amount of money. There's no country's stock exchange when it comes to it. This market is very big. It's a sea of ​​money full of sharks and dangerous waters, on the other hand it's also the only market where you can at least hypothetically only make $ 1,000,000 in two weeks starting with the best $ 1,000. I say hypothetical because people are constantly playing their money in forex without finding out the rest, they usually lose their shirt. That's why I tell you: watch out! This market is successful, on the other hand, you need to learn the basics well, do your homework and do your demo business so often. Just remember 95% of consumers lose money, 5% do it, and no more than 1% get rich on Forex. The beauty of this market is that you can grow into winning without increasing a product or service, selling the rest, still selling. You just make some money and get paid and revel in it based on your knowledge. This is the market in which banks operate, transnational corporations and individual consumers each exchange a currency exchange. I am talking about the spot forex market. You are able to trade 400 to 1 with great leverage, which is why for every dollar you have to buy and advertise you can do business 400. As an example, if you have $ 1,000 in your account you can Do as much as you can to business $ 400,000. This is bad. Most professional consumers will not take advantage of this type of top leverage. In the other hand, maximum leverage can be excellent as you learn to apply it to your needs. Anyway, that's enough for the basics. If you want to learn more about how this market came about, its history and such, then my other articles will be told. Now let's keep in touch regarding the strategies and the ways some consumers move up to profit in Forex. Let's start by saying that what works for me may not necessarily be best for you. Buying and promoting currencies is unhealthy. That’s a fact. On the other hand, despite everything, I've come across a few strategies that could give amateur users a distinct advantage. Buying and promoting Forex is not as easy as most people assume. Nowadays you will make so much and the next day you will drop 40% of your starting capital. Amateur consumers keep making mistakes. I'll list a few of them below. 1. Don't look for a holly grail to shop and promote. This is for people who are afraid of losing or too greedy and want to get rich quick. Despite the fact that it kind of feels like this, the forex market is not the place to get rich quick. Pros, you can make a lot of money over time and you probably don't want to advertise, manufacture, or market products to the rest. However, you need to learn a lot about what is moving this market and what is moving the price of currencies, as well as recommendations on how to prepare your money effectively so that you don't lose your shirt. Many amateur users spend a lot of time looking for the perfect method that will allow them to win anytime and not lose now. They want to make confident profits because they can't lose and / or want to make a lot of it (millions) fast so that they will be able to retire quickly and buy a mansion in a distant, shocking tropical island. That will not happen. Don't waste your time. There is no such thing as a buying and promoting method that will allow you to make sure of profits. Buying and promoting can also be very unhealthy. That's why it's so successful. Take into account: "no chance, no reward. That, don't try to always win on every deal. It is just inconceivable now. There is no solution to get rid of the truth of uncertainty. What I am indicating is that unrelated No matter how environmentally friendly your shopping and advertising method is, from time to time it will fail and you have managed to put up with the fact. Not yet looking for the perfect method that will properly turn you into a quick millionaire, They just save a lot of your personal time and effort. It doesn't exist. Inside the game you will find it, Please don't tell me about it. First I won't introduce you. 2And I don't need it. You can see below why I say that I don't need it. 2. Use technical analysis and basic analysis. When I first started buying and promoting, I hadn't imagined this, I wanted to find a method that was based on G eld that I should keep track of alone (which I will give an explanation for below). That's not very good! Keeping track of money is necessary, on the other hand, you need the other two. They define ("Expect E where {the market} depends on how green your technical and fundamental strategies are. Mastery of technical analysis is the ability to anticipate long-term price movements by reviewing past price data and graphical samples. You get a graph of specific currencies. Look at the data, which is easy to follow, and agree with your knowledge of technical analysis {the market goes}. Many brokers allow you to add technical indicators to the graphs in case you buy and advertise . You can do this on a demo account and see how well you can define the long term price movement of the currencies you propose to the company. One of these brokers is There are many technical indicators. I will not tell which may be more practical for you. Every broker is different. You have to find this out for yourself. There are no hiding spots th secret or magical items for buying and promoting forex. It's what you do every minute when you stand in front of the graph and check the shovel, what actually matters. The secret lies in your overall knowledge and your possible decisions. This comes with indulgence and consequences. Opening an account with one of these online brokers will allow you to do business on paper sooner than you used to with real money, so you can learn and follow before you risk capital. Let me walk you through a few technical indicators that you can use. You can use the MACD (Move Reasonable Convergence Divergence), the Bollinger Bands, Pivot Problems, RSI, Stochastic, Fibonacci, EMA, Elliot Waves and many others. There are actually many technical indicators out there that are some of the most widely used and widely used. As you add technical indicators to the graph, the broker tool automatically performs math calculations to create eye-catching data and patterns related to the graphs that you cannot easily see without the indicators discussed. You can use the technical indicators to create your own personal technical tactics. The tactics must never be works of art 100% all the time, but if they are works of art 70% - 80% it may be enough. That's because you are able to keep track of your risks with money. Keep an eye on the techniques as I describe below. To further increase the likelihood of a hit and reduce the likelihood of a fall in any business, you can use basic analytics. I think almost all consumers choose one or the other, on the other hand, many consumers use each. Basic analysis is to operate the shovel. What happens to the world's economies in terms of the currencies you buy and promote? What is the unemployment index? Has something happened that can have a major impact on the price of currencies? Buying and promoting the shovel is an environmentally friendly solution to “expect anywhere {the market} goes. Many online brokers have a link with the necessary financial information. As an example, has this function. You can also search for financial data on the following Internet websites: a) b) c) d) e) f) g)