Where do fashion buyers shop

Mobile window shopping: Smartphone is an advisor when buying fashion

Today more than ever, brands have to ensure that they can also reach consumers on the go in those moments that are important to them. To do this, they should also use formats such as online video. This is shown by the TNS study “Mobile Path to Purchase” on behalf of Google.

The smartphone as a fashion advisor is there from the start

60 percent of German buyers of clothing and shoes do their research online before buying them. Almost every third fashion buyer researches jeans, sneakers and the like on their smartphone. Smartphone rummers are particularly happy to be inspired by moving image content. Every second person also watches online videos during mobile product research.

For seven out of ten fashion shoppers, mobile research leads, according to TNS Infratest, to another action, often the purchase. 39 percent then order the product online. 29 percent visit a shop to find out more and a further 24 percent want to buy it there. And even at the point of sale, the smartphone is the best style advisor: a quarter of the smartphone users surveyed are still looking for a mobile device in the store.

Key moments in the customer journey

Depending on the key moment in which the buyer finds himself, his online usage also changes. At the moment when they need it or when they discover a brand for the first time, 28 percent of fashion buyers actively look for information online. To get an overview of product features, appearance and quality, to find instructions or product videos, 64 percent of fashion buyers consult the Internet. Half of them go online to narrow down the product that is best for them. In addition to price comparisons, the experiences and reviews of other customers are also taken into account for almost every second person. And 52 percent do research online at the end of the buying process to find out where they can best buy the product. For this, brands should also provide local information such as product availability in the store or opening times, and guide the willing shopper to the POS.

About the study: The mobile Path to Purchase study by TNS Infratest on behalf of Google shows how smartphones support product research and contribute to the purchase at key moments. The study was carried out in 22 countries and takes a particularly close look at the sectors / product categories of personal care, fashion & shoes, furniture and furnishings, laptops and motor insurance.The population consists of online users and buyers of the respective product category from the age of 16 who were surveyed online, face-to-face or mixed, depending on the product category. The sample size for this evaluation includes n = 502 buyers in the clothing and shoes product category.