Why are tall people more desirable?

The size is what matters! Tall men are more attractive, more successful, and deserve more

Which factors determine whether a person is successful or not? Is it his technical knowledge in combination with the gift of being able to present it well? Is it that “special something”, also called charisma? Is it simply luck? Of course, success cannot be limited to one of these aspects. Rather, it is an interplay of factors that are sometimes accompanied by completely unexpected ingredients. For example, would you have thought that a man's height can affect his success - and his salary too?

1. Of big and small men
2. The bigger the man, the better his earnings
3. What about the women?
4. The impact of height on career
5. The ideal of beauty of success
6. Little men have more incentive to make an effort

Big and small men

If you look at successful men, they are often larger than average - i.e. taller than 1.90 meters. There are, however Gentlemen who, despite their small size, have achieved fame and prestige. For example, there are stars like Peter Maffay or Danny DeVito, who became famous not because of their size, but their talent. Or statesmen such as Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Sarkozy or Helmut Schmidt, who at best draw or have drawn attention to themselves through their mental size. Research has shown that power has a special effect on men: the more powerful they are, the bigger they feel.

But back to the really tall men, those who can have a stately stature. It is said that they enjoy a very special advantage.

The bigger the man, the better his earnings

In 2004 the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) investigated for the first time how a man's height is related to his earnings. A surprising result emerged from the study carried out at the time: For every additional centimeter in height, men receive 0.6 percent more gross wages per month. If you compare two men whose height differs by 10 centimeters, that makes a difference in salary of around 2000 euros per year. Here it becomes clear: Even if the percentage appears small at first, it makes a big difference when projected over the year.

In addition to the studies from Germany, there is also numerous evidence from other countries - for example Great Britain and the USA. It was proven a long time ago that a man's height affects his earnings.

What about the women?

In the case of the female gender, such relationships have not yet been established. Here it seems according to the current state of knowledge no connection between height and earning potential to give. However, scientists from the United States found that Women who are overweight earn less money than women of normal weight. The reason: Because of their extra pounds, women are considered less intelligent, undisciplined and unmotivated. The slimmer a woman, the better the salary.

The effect of height on career

Big men have better career opportunities than small ones. Various studies and studies confirm this. But what exactly are the reasons for this? Scientists have so far been keeping a low profile in answering this question. However, it can be assumed that physical characteristics sends certain signalswhich are beneficial in the case of men.

For example, a great apparition stands for Strength, self-confidence, assertiveness and an iron will. Big men literally don't give in so quickly and don't let themselves get down right away. It can also be assumed that tall men are taken seriously more often - in contrast to people with a childish demeanor. They are perceived as being “solid as a rock” and are therefore likely to be valued by many companies. The origin of this way of thinking can be traced back to the Stone Age. Here, tall men were already considered to be a good defense against danger.

Interestingly, it is the other way around for tall women. These are often not perceived as particularly strong and self-confident, but are quickly seen as a threat. Affected women who tower over their male counterparts by several centimeters often (unconsciously) make themselves smaller - both physically and mentally. For them, the above-average height is more a curse than a blessing and (as already mentioned above) no guarantee for a better salary.

The ideal of beauty of success

Whether you want to admit it or not: a person's appearance has a not inconsiderable influence on their career. The following table shows which features particularly boost success:

ideal size: 1.91 m (source)ideal size: 1.60 m (source)
deep voice (source)slim (BMI of 21.5) (source)
Bald head (source)average pretty (source)

All of these findings are based on statistical surveys. They are products of the evaluation of large amounts of data. It is important to always bear in mind that things can also be different. Of course, a man with full hair can also be successful. Of course, strong women are also able to earn well. However, if you look at the “big picture”, these success stories are exceptions - which are known to confirm the rule.

Little men have more incentive to make an effort

But what about the men who are well below the magical limit of 1.91 m? Is their career doomed from the start? Not at all. Even short men have a good chance of success, but have to work harder to achieve this. Fortunately, they mostly are used to their previous stages of life. Whether in kindergarten, school or during studies or training: If men are shorter than the usual average, they have to learn to compensate for this "flaw" in other ways - for example with a lot of intelligence, humor or willpower. All of these and other factors can certainly contribute to professional success and should therefore by no means be underestimated. The statesmen and celebrities mentioned at the beginning prove that even small men can make it to high positions. They are proof that while size is good, it is by no means everything.

What experiences have you had so far in this context? Can you confirm that size has a positive impact on men's success? Or are you perhaps a good counterexample? The women are of course also cordially invited to take part in the discussion. We look forward to your comments.

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