What makes a successful character and personality

Successful people: these 5 characteristics distinguish them

Why are some people more successful than others? A look at various successful people shows that they all have very specific characteristics that set them apart.

We have seldom had so many opportunities for self-realization for so many people as in the 21st century - even if there is of course still a lot to improve.

But if you assume that at least in Germany we can achieve almost everything that we set out to do, not everyone is successful.

So what are the characteristics of successful people?

What actually is success?

Before you think about the characteristics of successful people, you have to ask yourself what success actually is?

Is it prosperity? To live a dream? Have a happy family? Self-actualization? Depending on the person and culture, the answers may be different.

One can also argue about which factors contribute how much to success. Is it hard work Luck? A special talent? Living conditions? The network? Or simply be in the right place at the right time with the right idea?

Is someone really successful when they work hard but come from a privileged environment? Or is someone only successful if he builds everything from nothing?

One can philosophize about all of this for a long time.

In general, success can perhaps be defined as follows:

Success is when someone has achieved a set goal.

It is important to distinguish between success and happiness. Because just because someone achieves a goal does not necessarily mean they are happy. And the other way around: Those who have not achieved their set goal can still find happiness (or even within it).

When we talk about successful people, however, we usually not only mean people who have achieved a certain goal, but have also changed, realized or moved something that goes beyond their personal sense of achievement.

This may be the first woman to land on the moon, a teacher who positively influences his students, a scientist with an important invention or the entrepreneur who creates important added value for customers and employees and enables them to survive.

If you look at several such people in the world and compare them, it is noticeable that it is not necessarily a certain talent and very rarely luck that makes them successful, but rather five character traits in particular.

1. Perseverance and enthusiasm

In most cases, success doesn't come overnight and there are often many setbacks. The director Stephen Spielberg had the rights to “Schindler's List” for about ten years until the right moment came to shoot the film.

So if you really have a goal and want to achieve it, you have to persevere. But that also requires a deep inner enthusiasm for this goal, otherwise you can rarely get others carried away or stay on the ball for a long time.

2. Successful people work hard

This also means that successful people work very hard and a lot. So anyone who thinks that success arises out of nothing is wrong. Without hard work you might land a surprise win, but you won't stay at the top for long.

Sometimes you may have to try out new, unconventional work routines. The presenter Oprah Winfrey, for example, prefers to work at night.

But it is also important that you don't lose the fun in the matter and allow yourself time out. Because exhausted people are rarely creative or successful people.

3. No success without courage

It's one of those things about success. Often you don't reach it by walking down the beaten path again, but rather with new, fresh and unconventional approaches. In addition to persistence, this also requires the appropriate courage.

On the one hand the courage to get out of the comfort zone and the courage to remain steadfast even against criticism or ridicule from others. And finally, it takes the courage to make mistakes and start over.

Nick Woodman, for example, is now being hailed as the founder of the Go-Pro camera. But before that, he failed with two other start-ups.

4. The willingness to learn new things

This also shows that it is not only important to make mistakes, but especially to learn from them. When Walt Disney released his first cartoons with Mickey Mouse, no one found the little mouse appealing.

Disney learned from it - and changed its drawings. Now there is hardly anyone in the world who does not think Mickey Mouse is cute.

But learning doesn't stop with the first success either. Successful people remain curious and open to new ideas and continue to educate themselves. If, on the other hand, you stand still and think you never have to improve anything, neither in yourself nor in your offer, you will quickly fail.

5. Strive for a higher goal

Successful people think not only of themselves or the profit when they come up with their ideas: They usually strive for higher goals - and thereby create added value for others.

One of the reasons Steve Jobs was so successful with the iPhone was that he had a completely new vision of a cell phone and it completely changed the user experience.

Even successful Instagrammers who only post photos of themselves have a lot of followers because their pictures represent certain ideals or a lifestyle that goes beyond themselves and inspires other people.

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Learn from successful people

Of course, not all successful people are created equal, and there are always exceptions. After all, as mentioned, other factors in life also contribute to success and failure.

However, you will find that many of the people you admire for their success have similar character traits. And finally, it can't hurt to learn from other successful people and to work on yourself.

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