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Incident on the Indian-Chinese border : Several soldiers were killed in a border conflict

At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in an armed clash between Chinese and Indian troops on the disputed border between the two neighbors. 17 of them died after they were seriously wounded in the incident on Monday night and were exposed to temperatures below zero and high altitude, an Indian army spokesman announced on Tuesday evening.

There were also victims on the Chinese side in the violent conflict, wrote the editor-in-chief of the state-run Chinese newspaper "Global Times" on Twitter. More than 43 Chinese soldiers were seriously injured or killed, wrote the Indian news agency ANI, citing circles in the Indian government.

It is said to be the first deaths in decades on the controversial border of the two neighboring countries with the largest populations in the world, as reported by Indian media.

Increased tensions between the two nuclear powers

Tensions have increased between the two nuclear powers for weeks. Thousands of soldiers face each other in the border region of Ladakh in the Himalayas, there were recently several injuries after fist fights and stone throwing. At the beginning of June, high-ranking military officials from both sides had therefore already met and tried to find a diplomatic solution.

After the fatal incident, the foreign ministries of both countries began to blame the other side. From Beijing it was said that Indian forces had made provocative forays along the border. The authorities in New Delhi, however, announced that the Chinese had tried unilaterally to change the status quo. Senior military representatives from the two states met on Tuesday to defuse the situation, according to India. The country continues to rely on dialogue.

China and India fought a brief war over their Himalayan border in 1962, which China won. Since then, there have been repeated incidents, but most of them could be resolved through discussions. The course of the border has still not been clarified. US President Donald Trump also recently offered to mediate in the conflict what the neighboring countries did not want.

The background to the recent tensions could be the construction of a road in the disputed border area, which the Indian army is building through the mountainous area. Conversely, China has also expanded its construction activities, which India in turn criticizes. Beijing also watches with suspicion as its rival India moves closer to the side of the US and its allies, while Trump intensifies his anti-Chinese policies.

In addition, China had sharply criticized a decision made by India last year. India had separated Ladakh, mainly inhabited by Buddhists, from the rest of the predominantly Muslim Jammu and Kashmir and declared it a separate federal territory in order to strengthen its control. China had spoken of an “undermining” of its territorial integrity. (dpa)

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