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Ranking internet agencies 2018:
These are the 100 largest digital agencies in Germany

The market for digital advice is booming

If one were to add the sales of the missing agencies from last year, the entire industry would have sales of almost 2 billion euros. In 2017, a total of 15,202 employees worked for the agencies reported. Full-service internet agencies that generate at least 60 percent of their turnover with the "conception, creation and technical implementation of digital solutions" are eligible for the ranking (more on Agenturranking.de). "The industry continues to boom, and that is very encouraging," says Anke Herbener, Chair of the specialist group for full-service digital agencies in the BVDW and therefore also responsible for the ranking. One of the reasons for the continuing high spirits among digital service providers is the sheer volume of potential new business. Where a homepage was needed five years ago, platform and e-commerce solutions are in demand today. Many companies are working on the complete digitalization of their business. The buzzword everyone is talking about is still “digital transformation”.

"There are a lot of projects," says Team Neusta boss Meyer-Heder, "just finding enough good employees is the challenge." . Team Neusta has excellent ratings on the Kununu job evaluation portal. Cities like Berlin or Hamburg are still more attractive, especially for young graduates. The average age in Meyer-Heder's company is 31 years. He has set himself the goal of hiring 100 new employees every year. Team Neusta originally specialized in technical solutions, and consulting services were only added gradually.

There are no longer too many successful medium-sized companies among the digital agencies; the industry has been consolidating for years. Many come together in order to be able to bring together the increasingly complex business in the best possible way, others sell to umbrella companies, financial investors or management consultancies. Meyer-Heder never wanted to sell. “I enjoy doing business. That is why running a company is more important to me than money, ”he says. He also has a considerable collection of vintage cars in his agency.

Short-term and faster work

"The future belongs to agencies that can turn the raw materials technology, data-driven insights, media and content or creation into a verifiable business success for customers," believes Plan.net boss Manfred Klaus. His agency ranks second behind Team Neusta and works for BMW, Lufthansa and the fashion retailer Bonprix, among others. "We are currently noticing a stronger short-term nature of projects," says Klaus. Inquiries arrive at short notice, but should also be implemented as quickly as possible. "The digital business has now become extremely complex, and the point is to provide customers with comprehensive, strategic advice and also to be able to implement the measures developed in all areas of digital life," says BVDW woman Anke Herbener. This also applies to the marketing departments. The development and implementation of comprehensive digital strategies are just as important as influencer marketing, AR, VR and artificial intelligence. The digital agency industry currently has mostly winners. Only a few have lost significantly, including for example Scholz & Volkmer (minus 30 percent).

2018 should again remain successful for internet service providers. Factors of uncertainty for the agencies' business model are the General Data Protection Regulation and the upcoming E-privacy regulation Carsten Meyer-Heder meanwhile has other plans. As mayor, he would withdraw from the operational business of Team Neusta and dedicate his passion entirely to the city of Bremen.

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