Does someone buy more music 1


Before it Spotify people almost never paid for music from the Internet. Illegal downloads and streaming have always been and probably always will be a part of the network. Musicians can't do much about it either. If a page with illegal content is closed, it reopens a few days later on a new server.

It sounds incredible, but it does Musician after a pay When they ask for their music, they hear more and more often: “Why don't you give them away! Everyone does that and you're not even famous. Besides, I don't have any money for things that I can't touch. And what if I buy them and don't like them? ”And so it goes on and on with them allegedArguments.

You know them Discussions and you have already led it yourself at least once. As Hobby musicianwho long for his Instruments saves and hardly even one admission can do in the professional studio, your blood is sure to get pumping too Sayings like: “Making music isn't that difficult anyway, so why should we for it Pay listening?“.

To calm you down a bit, we deliver to you here 9 good arguments for your next one discussion


1. Music is cheap

You pay over 5 euros for a few "jewels" in Clash Royale and hundreds of euros for a smartphone and tell me that you don't have 99 cents for a song? App developers earn millions with simple, supposedly free games, while the music market is completely shattered - coincidence? I do not think so.

2. Composing music is a job

Music doesn't appear under your pillow overnight in exchange for a baby tooth. The music fairy is just as rare as the tooth fairy. Recording and producing an album (or even a single song) is a lot of work. A lot of people are involved. They deserve to be paid. And they end up using equipment, be it hardware or software, that costs a lot of money. And at the end of the day, you get upset about the price of a coffee-to-go.


3. Music lasts a lifetime

Eating out or taking a vacation with your loved ones is a great thing. Many experiences stay in your memory - and later on these are the "good old days" that we fondly remember. But let's be honest: When a vacation is over, it's over. But a song that costs a fraction of it stays with you (or at least in your cloud) and you can listen to it over and over again. You keep hearing new details and a favorite song never gets old. Music takes you to moments in your life that you associate with it.


4. A like cannot be turned into something edible

Do we really have to explain this? Constructive feedback and a like on your favorite musician's Facebook page will please him. But he always can't pay his rent with likes and nice words. Support the musician to give him the opportunity to create even more great music.

5. Music connects people

How would a life be without music? Probably pretty sad. Think about all the moments when you met up with friends and there was somehow music too. Music is being made everywhere. Be it the street musicians in the pedestrian zone, bands at concerts, festivals or the chants in the football stadium. Nothing in the world connects people more than music and I am 101% sure that the world could not exist without music.

6. Your internet connection is not a music flat rate

Many legal streaming providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Co. offer their users premium packages and pay the artists. Sure, we all know that the royalties that are paid out are almost criminally low, but that's still better than getting nothing at all because someone offers an album for free download. Just because it's easy to find something like that on the internet doesn't mean it's morally okay not to pay for it.


7. Musicians spend a lot of money

And not for alcohol and big cars! A musician pays for his instrument, his lessons (- yes, actually, musicians practice), the rent for the rehearsal room, studio rental, live equipment, amplifier ... the list goes on and on. And believe me: 99 cents for a song is nothing compared to what an average musician spends.


8. GEMA is evil, it only makes music expensive

A typical argument from people who have picked up something wrong somewhere. Sure, GEMA's accounting system isn't perfect for most musicians either. But she makes sure that the people who make the music get paid for it. There are a lot of people who can write great songs and write interesting lyrics. And they have to be paid for, because they don't just get a song. This is exactly what GEMA takes care of. And the musicians stand around on stage without songs and don't know what to do.


9. Musicians actually give away their music

If you don't want to believe the low payouts that we mentioned in point six, you should have a GEMA detailed list shown. You might wake up when you see that you only get pennies even though a song has been streamed 1,000 or more times on Spotify. It is actually settled with 0.0-something cents! Even a discounter bun costs more. Music is cheaper than ever before!


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