What is the flight or fight response

Fight and flight behavior

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Fight behavior Escape behavior Combat reaction Escape reaction


Every piece of information that a person receives (see, hear, smell, feel, taste) is classified in a split second into known / unknown and dangerous / harmless and then evaluated emotionally.
If the information is recognized and classified as dangerous, the body is prepared for fight or flight through special hormone release,

  • Increasing the pulse rate and blood pressure to better supply the muscles with oxygen,

  • Release of stress hormones (adrenaline, etc.)
    which are supposed to block thinking biologically, too!

The hormones are released the more strongly the "danger" is felt. The breakdown of the hormones takes up to 5 minutes if there is no “replenishment”. Otherwise longer.
The result of the hormone release is referred to as "psychological fog or hormonal fog." Joy hormones have almost the same effect (speechless with joy, with ecstasy)
This reaction takes place in all dangerous situations in order to bypass the slow, logical thinking brain

People perceive it as a danger
1. physical threat
2. Psychological threat

i.e. also a hindrance to the satisfaction of needs
Hormone release (adrenaline, noradrenaline)
Heartbeat and blood pressure rise
"Fight and Flight Reaction" (or "Paralyzed Fear")

The orientation response
occurs when there is new information
The fight and flight response
in the case of dangerous information associated with "psychological fog".


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