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Men on the wrong track

There are attitudes that are so wrong that they do not deserve a reply, only censure. That was the warning I was given when, after reading André Thiele's reflections on the MGTOW movement (DT of March 8), I was looking for words and found them relatively quickly. Doesn't that mean paying unnecessary attention to the movement? Is it perhaps even being helped to ensure that the intended intent to provoke is effective?

But I have good reasons to speak. I've been watching MGTOW and similar groups like Incel or Red Pill for years. The movement is notorious on the internet for its notorious spread of disinformation and hatred, which also grow into physical violence. In 2014, Red Pill supporter Elliot Rodgers shot and killed seven people, including more men than women, on a university campus. Red Pill not only has women in its crosshairs, but society as such. Such a group, however small and insignificant, must be confronted. Anyone who is proud to have extorted a reaction in this way only proves how remote and confused his opinion is.

Many readers were not only confused about the content of Thiele's article, but also about the fact that his statements do not reveal any journalistic distance. Although he declared that as a Catholic he could not ultimately identify with the Red Pill philosophy, he obviously shared the indignation of those responsible at the alleged grievances. He also manages MGTOW Germany's Facebook page. He dismissed critical inquiries on twitter as “the usual public humiliation tactic of feminists”, although his connection to MGTOW is publicly visible to every Facebook user.

Of course, journalists are allowed to write about topics that are important to them. However, possible connections must be disclosed. Much of Thiele's information only looks like the result of journalistic research, but could just as well come from an MGTOW advertising brochure: In another MGTOW text that he published on the Catholic website "cathwalk" (completely without evidence) that "Most [members] are very successful professionally", that the movement is growing rapidly and already has 500,000 members. In the essay in the “Tagespost” there were only 400,000 - the growth is really rapid! Instead he left out the fact that MGTOW might also have won some of its new members from the sibling reddit "InCel", which was closed by reddit (!) Last year due to galloping misanthropy.

The MGTOW movement is all about attention

None of this speaks for Thiele's personal media skills and he doesn't take the facts too seriously either. MGTOW is mainly about attention, its members are considered to be successful in forcing a discussion on others - and Thiele supports them in this. Whoever reports on them reports for them. Red Pill is a conspiracy theory and MGTOW is its social carrier.

If one looks at classical conspiracy theories, the worldviews they spread share the following three characteristics: They are paranoid, Manichaean and eschatological. Paranoid because nothing happens by chance, everything happens on purpose and the true nature of things never corresponds to the obvious. The world is divided Manichaically into two camps, the awakened and the rest. Eschatologically, an end time and the collapse of the "system" are expected. Does this apply to Red Pill? All forms of movement have in common the assumption that in today's society women secretly rule over men by arousing the man's desire for emotional and physical closeness and withdrawing or granting this at will. When women were still dependent on men for their livelihood, they would only have pulled themselves together because of their financial and social dependency on men - Thiele summarized this in the “Tagespost” with “everything used to be a necessity”. Since women today earn their own livelihood and are often preferred by the state, men no longer have any leverage and are therefore exposed to the will of women and their evolutionary drives. MGTOW as a movement adopts this worldview and concludes that the best way to immunize yourself against female power is to ignore its lure.

The example of unmarried mothers, whom Thiele also briefly mentions in the “Tagespost”, shows this paranoid worldview particularly clearly. According to Red Pill, women are eager to produce strong offspring with many different "alphas", i.e. hyper-masculine men. In traditional society they could not follow this instinct, but nowadays they could rely on society or a thankful beta male to bring their illegitimate children through afterwards. That is unjust, which is why Thiele demanded in the “Tagespost” that women “should bear the consequences of their actions themselves and not pass them directly or indirectly on to men”. In general, many Red Pill followers consider procreation to be a female drive, the satisfaction of which is suppressed from the man under threat of deprivation of love or false pretenses. But it can get worse. No charge is constructed enough for Red Pill. Some supporters believe that the refugee crisis is aimed at attracting alpha males from abroad because the white beta males no longer satisfy women. Others think women are sexually aroused by gunmen and still others fool around that rape is pure invention or that women's shelters are institutions of privileged women. You don't read a word about this from Thiele.

In return, he states in the “Tagespost” that effeminate power has also completely subjugated the academic sector. This practically releases Red Pill a priori from dealing with scientific findings. A ruse that Red Pill has in common with many conspiracy theories.

Thiele is free to give this biologically trimmed paranoia the catholic icing of a “natural tension between the sexes” and to dream of a refined form. There are two things wrong with his statement that Red Pill would be an important analysis tool for Catholic men: it is neither Catholic nor does it provide any real knowledge about society. Like psychoanalysis or Marxism, it is a self-referential system that inevitably can only confirm its own premise and thus the complete opposite of an analysis.

Anyone who does not recognize this “truth” of female control is not a satisfactory opponent for Red Pill supporters, because the premise of his thinking is already wrong. Those who are happy with their life in the "system" are just sitting on an illusion and support their own oppressors. What does not come from Red Pill itself may - no, must therefore be disavowed from the outset as naive or misguided, ulterior motives and sinister motives are likely here. Doubters are simply thrown at "AWALT" ("All Women Are Like That"), the use of a difficult-to-penetrate sociolect is a well-known and popular tactic among conspiracy theorists for social demarcation and self-portrayal as a superior intellectual elite.

A man looking for orientation

Because all of this is apparently still not enough, Thiele goes one step further in another MGTOW article published by “cathwalk”: Here the reader learns that women in reality do not rule the men of this world on their own, but only as To act as tools of other dark forces. They are slaves of their own femininity and of the “welfare state”, which appears as a purposeful, but remains anonymous collective and enters into a symbiotic relationship with the women in the state. Thiele also does not distance himself from this rhetoric, which even for readers who are not educated in cultural studies must appear to be conspiracy theory.

To get to the eschatological part of Red Pill, he predicts the imminent end of women's rule, which inevitably has to collapse in itself, and the golden age in which Catholic men would fall back on MGTOW to rebuild themselves after " the idyllic village “was destroyed. MGTOW thus takes on an almost messianic meaning in this women's apocalypse.

But is he a conspiracy theorist? I tend to see a man looking for orientation in a society that has changed a lot. He probably sees only the best in MGTOW: a departure from men for men who feel offended by the feminism of the current generation.

It remains incomprehensible why he ignores all the alarm signals described here at MGTOW, uses their language, which conveys biologism and contempt for women and why he himself seems to believe that a man can only be free if he has gone through a phase of intense misogyny, the is by no means just a bit vulgar, as Thiele does. This is not a side effect that disappears, it is the structural hatred of people who believe they are controlled by overpowering dark forces. The “own way” that MGTOW propagates, how healthy or smart can it be if it starts with the “Red Pill”? Above all, however, it is incompatible with the Catholic belief in a good creator God who created men and women in his image.

So far, this “own way” has only led to quarrel, bitterness and hatred, so that one would like to advise Catholic men to rely on another path that is the truth. And the life.

The author is currently doing her doctorate in religious studies at the LMU Munich and runs the “Curtain Preacher” blog.

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