How do I change my MAC address

Change the MAC address using a tool

Roland Freest

The MAC address (Media Access Control) is the hardware address of the network adapter by means of which it can be uniquely identified in a network. Each of these addresses is only assigned once worldwide and is firmly tied to the hardware. In Windows, however, this value can be changed so that an incorrect address is transmitted to other devices, known as spoofing, and thus obscuring one's own tracks in the network.

EnlargeHow to change the MAC address

In corporate networks in particular, MAC addresses are therefore often used to control access to the network. If the network card in a computer has to be replaced, a problem arises. The quickest way is often the easiest to change the address using software. This process is called spoofing and is often used by hackers to log into a WLAN access point with a fake MAC address. It is not possible to manipulate the data written in the hardware, but you can edit the entry in the registry in which Windows recorded the address. It is best to use a special network tool for this.

EnlargeYou can use ChangeMAC-2013 immediately without installation: However, the tool can only change the MAC address of Ethernet adapters.

There are two programs of this type: ChangeMAC-2013 does not require any installation, but only offers simple functionality. You have to start the software with administrator rights. To do this, right-click the EXE file, select "Run as administrator", and answer the security question in the affirmative. As soon as the program is running, select the network adapter from the drop-down menu and enter any new address under “Fake MAC address”. Since the address is in hexadecimal code, you can use the digits 0 to 9 and the letters A to F. Then click on "Apply". The tool remembers the original address so that you can return to the old settings with "restore". ChangeMAC can only change Ethernet addresses, but not the addresses of WLAN adapters. The second program of this type, Technitium MAC Address Changer, can do this. It must be installed with the help of a wizard, but then not only offers access to the MAC address of the WLAN adapter, but also shows information such as the current data traffic, the IP address and the manufacturer. Using the "Random MAC Address" button, you can use this tool to generate an address using a random generator and enter it in Windows.

EnlargeThe Technitium MAC Address Changer also works with WLAN adapters and also shows the current data throughput and the IP address.

Warning: Do not change the MAC address of your computer without compelling reason, as this can lead to the exclusion of various network services.

Tip: If you want to optimize your home network, you should first examine it thoroughly: This is how you measure your WLAN speed, find the best radio channel and create a WLAN card.