How does CCTV work

CCTV camera: The classic surveillance camera

CCTV camera is the name of a surveillance camera that is used in a closed system in a video surveillance system. Classically, such a system includes at least one CCTV camera, a display monitor and a data storage medium such as a recorder. The images from the surveillance camera can be transmitted in analog, wired or digital format. It is therefore not necessarily an analog camera.

2-wire / transmission of video signals for CCTV cameras

We have 2-wire transmitters in our product range for CCTV cameras: With these you have the option of connecting every camera via 2-wire. In addition to the coax cable, 2-wire connections and Ethernet network cables are possible. You can use the Video Balun M-509A (2-wire) and the Video Balun M-500AK (Ethernet network cable) for this.

SANTEC dome cameras with IR headlights

The SANTEC day / night dome camera SFC-241KDIM-A and SFC-241KEIM-A is a robust surveillance camera that is equipped with a metal housing and day / night function. They are specially developed for use in public areas, such as B. for subway stations, underground garages, elevators, public buildings, prisons, etc. The surveillance camera is therefore also suitable for potentially endangered areas.

SANTEC outdoor surveillance camera with IR spotlight

The SANTEC day / night compact cameras SFC-241KBIM-A and SFC-240KBIF-A are for indoor and outdoor areas and have protection class IP-66. Thanks to the built-in IR headlights, they can be used not only during the day but also at night. With the 3-fold vario lens and the high resolution of 700 TVL / 960H as well as the mechanical IR cut filter and WDR function, the application is very versatile. All settings can be accessed from the outside of the surveillance camera.

A camera for all cases

The surveillance camera from SANTEC can be used flexibly and covers a wide range of areas of application. A CCTV camera is the classic choice in the field of surveillance technology and is well suited for almost all needs. If you are still not sure whether another surveillance camera might suit you, please do not hesitate to contact us.