What is the rank of a sergeant


Sergeant (German) [edit]

Noun, m[To edit]

[1] Rank badge one Sergeantof the Panzer Grenadiers
[2] Early modern sergeant

No longer valid spellings:


Word separation:

Under · sub · of · fi · zier, plural: Under · sub · of · fi · zie · re


IPA: [ˈʊntɐʔɔfiˌt͡siːɐ̯]
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[1] Military, no plural: Rank of a soldier
[1a] Bundeswehr, no plural: between the corporal corporal and the staff sergeant, lowest rank of sergeant without portepee
[1b] Wehrmacht, National People's Army, no plural: between the corporal and the sergeant major
[2] Military: Rank group,
[2a] Armed forces: which includes the ranks from NCO [1] to Oberstabsfeldwebel
[2 B] Wehrmacht: which includes the ranks from non-commissioned officer [1] to staff sergeant
[3] Person holding the rank of non-commissioned officer


[1] U, Uffz


Determinative compound under- and officer


[1] Marine:Mate

Sense releated words:

[2] Roman Army:Princeps

Female word forms:

[3] colloquial:Sergeant

Generic terms:

[1] Rank
[2] Rank group
[3] person


[1] by unit or type of service:Artillery sergeant, telephone sergeant
[1] by rank:NCOs with portepee, NCOs without portepee


[1] The Bundeswehr knows the rank of Sergeant.
[1, 2] A sergeant is a Sergeantalthough he does not have the rank of Sergeant holds.
[3] "I am Sergeant become. "[1]
[3] "The Sergeant went on."[2]
[3] “A glimpse of the Sergeant Zache met me. "[3]
[3] “It is said that the Sergeant Stephan was hit in the trenches by a shot from the enemy artillery. "[4]
[3] "One of the officers and two of the NCOs spoke a little English. "[5]

Word formations:

NCO rank

Translations [edit]

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