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Lyric of the day

füad eternity - 313st stanza 1 stanza 2 line 1

Because that's a gonz especially meaningful,
füa olle vastoabnen and heimgegongenen sön
I think of the dear vamis with you roughly,
That's why in the cemetery a steadily come and go
It's called hoit i die vün klan eainnarungen in eahn
is called sinnia i vü übera love, lebn and steam
Heit schwian die gestonkn as in a weidn labyrinth,
it is called wean secrets whispering from the icy wind

Now ignite a keazal on and hope that the light will reach you,
That’s why I’m going to find it, because it’s so easy to get away
of philjazz, published on 5th October 2016

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Actually, I'm completely out of silence
actually I always wanted to be out of silence
actually I know: this was God's will,
actually i like to be alone quite a bit.

I'm actually still waiting for your question
actually I still only think of you
actually I have no reason to complain
actually i love almost every poem.

Actually, I have way too good manners
actually I'm wild as a little storm
on the other hand I don't want to snub anyone
actually I feel like Rapunzel - in the tower.
of Annelie Kelch, published on 20th February 2017

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Lyric of the day


Do you see the Breitling and the Mercedes
Not because it makes me a better person, but because it makes me forget
I was cheeky to Baba and unfortunately I often don't hear
But this time it should be a Gucci belt that hits my head
Notice how you look at the double G on my polo
Never again travel by bus or train with a SchokoTicket
Unfortunately, I've never attended a music school
But give me a beat and I'll bring dynamite to the booth
300 gram gold chain like a sultan
of PolskaGerman, published on May 22, 2016
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