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Reviews on travel portals often read like horror stories. Our author Christoph Sterz is brave: he visits the supposedly worst places in his city and looks at what it really is like there.

In the old town of Cologne, very close to the St. Kunibert Church, there is a hotel with a restaurant called Kunibert the Fiese. Today nobody knows whether the bishop, after whom at least the church is named, was really that nasty. But if you go by the reviews of the travel portal Tripadvisor, the name of this restaurant says it all.

"The fries were unsalted, some of the Jägerschnitzel was not well done, the sauce was like a material that was more like putty for sealing in the construction industry" - but it doesn't look that bad at all. "
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Let's go on an adventure

The users speak of overpriced frozen food and advise against a visit. But are the users on these portals really always objective and is that all correct? Our author Christoph Sterz asked himself that too. His next thought was then: "Sun, South Seas, palm beach - everyone can do it - why not a real adventure holiday in your own city?"

"Sticky floor, hair in bed, hair on the tiles in the shower. Bed probably screwed together from hardware store boards. I've seen a lot in 15 years of field service, but that beats everything."
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No culinary art, but okay

Our author Christoph Sterz is not deterred by the reviews and dares to try it himself: He drives to the restaurant "Kunibert der Fiese" and orders a schnitzel with french fries. Lo and behold: he is not served high culinary art, but the food is "okay and not even remotely disgusting," as the comments on the net claim.

"The hallway was terrifying, the door to the room could hardly be opened. And then the shock: so small, without a table, without a chair and with broken windows. There were brown stains on the bathroom door, I don't want to know what that was."
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As a hotel tester for one night, he will not be allowed in anywhere for free and the supposedly "worst night of his life" is not worth 50 euros to him. So our author Christoph Sterz just drives to the sculpture park - because you can get in there for free and he has already received one or the other bad rating on Tripadvisor.

"The so-called 'art' was a few useless pieces of junk. It would be much better if there were trees instead of sculptures. After all, the park is clean."
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Don't expect a luxury menu for 10 euros

And Christoph's conclusion: You shouldn't expect luxury menus for 10 euros. And a bad review on a travel portal can have many different reasons: maybe the writer had a bad day, maybe he just didn't understand the art there was to see. Christoph Sterz is at most inspired by reviews, but in the future he prefers to create his own picture of places where hair-raising stories are reported on the Internet.