Why is the American country so free

Land of the free? : The American Dream has turned into a nightmare

While my German friends in their teenage years had Madonna and Duran Duran hanging over the bed, for me it was the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. I grew up on The Streets of San Francisco, Kojak, and Charlie's Angels.

With “Once Upon a Time in America”, “Breakfast Club” and “The Color Purple”. As the daughter of Anatolian guest workers, who only knew Duisburg and the village of her parents all her childhood and youth, America was the epitome of freedom for me.

Like yesterday, I remember standing there in New York in 1991 in the middle of the skyscrapers and getting neck pain from looking up. It wasn't long before I realized that the America that shone so brightly from the outside was not the America that lived inside.

A “land of the free” only for those who could afford it. “The best things in life are free” played on the radio every day. Later I often added mockingly: "But the better things cost you."

Prohibitions and fat-free chocolate

In New York I saw the first homeless man in my life. In Nevada I was treated like a criminal by a policeman because I exceeded the speed limit and I had to transport the bottle of wine that I took with me to friends in an opaque paper bag. They were bans that have remained formative in my memory.

A country where it was impossible to sunbathe topless on the beach, but where you could buy a gun on every corner. Where there were fat-free chocolate and power outages, antibiotics in the drugstore and pasta without carbohydrates.

A country where 100 square meters of living space could cost $ 45 million and women had their toes broken to wear designer high heels. To this day, America has remained a country full of contradictions for me.

You can recreate your identity at any time, because it is the packaging that counts, the content is uninteresting. Everything you do has to have a goal. Even the fun. Beautiful appearance, actor in a large theater, struggle to be slim, to be fit, to be rich. Contacts have to be worthwhile, even at private birthday parties, because you are doomed to be successful.

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Sometimes this country is not far from a developing country. Here everyone has a piece of power that they can use, be it the garbage man who takes all or part of the garbage with him and the mail comes if you give the messenger a proper tip. An arbitrary system that Donald Trump has been exemplifying for almost four years.

I tried to live in America two more times until I had to admit to myself that I think the friendliness is great, but that I miss friendships that were more than “friends with benefits”. It is brutal capitalism that makes that impossible.

Hope for change

In the Anatolian village in which I was born, people were dependent on each other; that was the only way the community worked. The German city that socialized me lived solidarity as a matter of course before it became a dirty word for do-gooders.

If the American Dream ever existed, then at the latest a Trump made it a nightmare. My hope is that Americans will finally understand this. That they understand that their country is not threatened from outside by socialism or terrorism, but by a criminal, an egomaniac, who can only achieve his personal freedom by shooting away peaceful demonstrators.

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