Are you a foreigner

The questions of the naturalization test: How German are you? (I)

The nationwide naturalization test will apply from September 1st. Every foreigner who wants to become a German citizen has to pass it. A feasible task? Questions 1 - 47

300 questions lie between migrants and naturalization. Image: dpa

1: In Germany, people are allowed to say something openly against the government because ...

* Religious freedom applies here.

* people pay taxes.

* people have the right to vote.

* Freedom of expression applies here.

2: In Germany, parents up to the age of 14 can decide whether their child is at school on ...

* Attends history class.

* Attends religious education.

* Attends political class.

* Participates in language classes.

3: Germany is a constitutional state: what does that mean?

* All residents and the state must obey the law.

* The state does not have to obey the law.

* Only Germans have to obey the law.

* The courts make the laws.

4: Which right is one of the basic rights in Germany?

* Gun possession

* Law of the thumb

* Freedom of speech

* Vigilante justice

5: Who do you have to let into your apartment in Germany on request?

* the postman

* the landlord

* the neighbor

* the employer

6: What is the german constitution called?

* Volksgeestz

* Federal law

* German law

* Basic Law

7: Which right is one of the basic rights guaranteed by the German constitution? The right to...

* Freedom of belief and conscience

* Entertainment

* Job

* Flat

8: What is not in the Basic Law of Germany?

* Human dignity is inviolable.

* Everyone should have the same amount of money.

* Everyone can express their opinion.

* Everyone is equal before the law.

9: Which basic rights only apply to foreigners in Germany? The fundamental right to ...

* Protection of the family

* Human dignity

* Asylum

* Freedom of speech

10: What is compatible with the German Basic Law?

* the corporal punishment

* the torture

* the death penalty

* the fine

11: What is the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany called?

* Basic Law

* Federal Constitution

* Code of Law

* Constitutional Treaty

12: A party in the German Bundestag wants to abolish freedom of the press. Is that possible?

* Yes, if more than half of the members of the Bundestag are in favor.

* Yes, but two thirds of the members of the Bundestag have to be in favor.

* No, because freedom of the press is a fundamental right. It cannot be abolished.

* No, because only the Federal Council can abolish freedom of the press.

13: Anyone who is persecuted in their home country because of their political opinion and therefore flees to Germany can apply for something?

* Welcome money

* Asylum

* Unemployment benefit

* Pension

14: Freedom of expression in Germany means that I ...

* may claim false facts on leaflets.

* can express my opinions in letters.

* May wear Nazi symbols.

* can speak my mind as long as I don't contradict the government.

15: What does the german constitution forbid?

* Military service

* Forced labor

* free choice of employment

* Work abroad

16: When is freedom of expression restricted in Germany?

* in the public dissemination of false claims about individuals

* when expressing opinions about the federal government

* in discussions about religions

* in case of criticism of the state

17: The German laws prohibit ...

* Freedom of expression for residents.

* Citizens' petitions.

* Freedom of assembly of the inhabitants

* Unequal treatment of citizens by the state.

18: Which fundamental right is guaranteed in Article 1 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany?

* the inviolability of human dignity

* the right to live

* Religious freedom

* Freedom of speech

19: What is meant by the right of "freedom of movement" in Germany?

* You can choose your own place of residence.

* You can change your job.

* You can choose another religion.

* One may only move lightly dressed in public.

20: One party in Germany is pursuing the goal of establishing a dictatorship. She is then ...

* tolerant.

* constitutionally oriented.

* law abiding

* unconstitutional

22: What kind of government does Germany have?

* Monarchy

* Dictatorship

* Republic

* Principality

23: When you reach a certain age in Germany and stop working, what do you usually get?

* Pension

* Salary

* Nothing

* Training allowance

24: How many federal states does the Federal Republic of Germany have?

* 14

* 15

* 16

* 17

25: The Federal Republic consists of ...

* 12 districts

* 16 federal states

* an eastern state and a western state

* 16 Free States

26: Germany is ...

* a communist republic

* a democratic and social state

* a capitalist and social monarchy

* a social and socialist state.

27: Germany is ...

* a socialist state

* a Federal State

* a dictatorship

* a monarchy.

28: Who elects the members of the Bundestag in Germany?

* the military

* the economy

* the people entitled to vote

* the administration

29: Which animal is the heraldic animal of the Federal Republic of Germany?

* Lion

* Eagle

* Bear

* Horse

30: What isnoFeature of our democracy?

* regular elections

* Press censorship

* Freedom of speech

* different parties

31: The cooperation of parties to form a government is called in Germany ...

* Unit

* Coalition

* Ministry

* Parliamentary group

32: What is not state authority in Germany?

* Legislation

* Government

* Press

* Jurisprudence

33: which statement is correct? In Germany ...

* state and religious communities are separated.

* the religious communities form the state.

* the state is dependent on the religious communities.

* State and religious communities form a unit.

34: What is Germany not?

* a democracy

* a constitutional state

* a monarchy

* a welfare state

35: How does the German state finance social security?

* Church taxes

* Social security contributions

* Donations

* Association fees

36: Which measures create social security in Germany?

* the health insurance

* the car insurance

* the building insurance

* Liability Insurance

37: What are the heads of government of most federal states in Germany called?

* first minister

* Prime Minister

* Senator

* Prime Minister

38: The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social ...

* Union of states

* State

* Confederation of States

* Central government

39: What does every German state have?

* your own foreign minister

* own currency

* your own army

* own government

40: What words does the German national anthem begin with?

* Folks, hear the signals ...

* Unity and justice and freedom ...

* Joy, beautiful spark of the gods ...

* Germany United fatherland ...

41: Why is there more than one party in a democracy?

* because it represents the different opinions of the citizens

* to limit bribery in politics

* to prevent political demonstrations

* to stimulate economic competition

42: Who will pass a new law in Germany?

* the government

* Parliament

* the courts

* the police

43: When can a party be banned in Germany?

* if your campaign is too expensive

* when she fights against the constitution

* if she expresses criticism against the head of state

* when your program suggests a new direction

44: Who cannot be directly elected as a citizen in Germany?

* Member of the EU Parliament

* the Federal President

* Member of the state parliament

* Member of the Bundestag

45: Which insurance does long-term care insurance belong to?

* Social insurance

* Accident insurance

* Home insurance

* Liability and fire insurance

46: The German state has many tasks. What is the task?

* He builds streets and schools

* He sells groceries and clothes.

* It supplies all residents with newspapers free of charge.

* It produces cars and buses.

47: The German state has many tasks. Which task is not included?

* He pays vacation travel for all nationals.

* He pays child support.

* He supports museums.

* It promotes athletes.