At what age do women mature


.. since i was 40 i started to live .. so i'm still young, right?

yep ... I would say ... precocious ... you're only 5 years old .. grin

When are you a mature woman.?

I wouldn't take the word ripe that way ... Ripe is when you're due for something. Due date means the right time has been reached ... hmmm
However, maturity is not a question of age. Some never will. And some are at a young age.
As you already write ... if I were a young woman and a man says to me I just get up "mature women" however he means it ... then I would feel faded as a woman and start to doubt..grin

I think a person goes through several stages of maturity through his life .... he develops ... positively or negatively he then reaches certain stages of maturity, so to speak ..
A good wine just knows
Just take a test with yourself! Determine which maturation you want to assess or evaluate, for example (the physical, mental, social, etc.) ... then you will eventually find out that human maturity is a process that affects the whole of life in different stages of maturity of physical, mental and social structure, both positively and negatively developed.
In old age e.g. does this process go backwards or develop backwards.

If you ask yourself these questions of maturity, there is still a very long way to go in reaching maturity.

Do you think you know yourself? Are you with yourself? Are you aware of a lot? Do you think you have finished learning?
Do you feel like you've missed something?
Do you even want to get mature?
Do you feel an inner calm?

I think a woman is mature when she has achieved inner peace for me, and can live contentedly and in peace with her and the world.!
Are you doing what you enjoy doing?