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Aimee's secret wish is the debut novel by Kelly Doust, an Englishwoman who now lives in Australia.

A wonderfully embroidered collar plays the main role in this story. And the story of this collar begins in Normandy in 1891. The collar was made by Aimee as an ornament for her wedding dress. However, he then began a miraculous journey. It ends up in the hands of the Parisian trapeze artist Lexi, and from there he sets off for Shanghai. Here it is owned by a dancer. The journey continues via Rome and Istanbul until he finally lands in London. Here he was discovered in a box by auctioneer Maggie in 2014. Maggie is very interested in the history of this work of art. But will she be able to solve the mystery?

An exciting and entertaining story in which many people play a role. The author takes us into different epochs and we get to know wonderful people and their lives. We are also allowed to get to know many wonderful places. However, Maggie and her family play a big role. Maggie is absorbed in her work as an auctioneer, but her family - as is the case with many working mothers - falls by the wayside. And at some point Maggie starts to think about what is actually more important and she makes a decision. I found it very interesting to discover the secret of the collar. And the novel got even better towards the end.

Wonderful entertaining read. I am happy to assign 4 stars.