Why should anyone study music

Do you have to study music at all?

The funny thing about this question is actually the fact that a lot of people don't even know that you can study music. I am always looked at with wide eyes when I say that I studied guitar. How does it work? Can you study that? What do you do there all the time? And now, what can you do with such a degree?
The questions of the astonished interlocutor usually sound like this or similar. But today I would like to address one of these questions in more concrete terms. Do you have to study music at all?
My personal opinion on this is somewhat divided. When you study, you deal intensively with your instrument and are very well trained on it. That doesn't mean that someone who cares as much about his or her skills and who spends as much time practicing as a student is automatically worse. To reinforce this, I can only say that I have not seen musicians who have studied undergraduate degree and who would have played many students to the core. So I would say: No, you don't have to study to be a good musician.
But I have to include another aspect at this point. When you study music, you don't just take care of your instrument, you still have a lot of minor subjects. This means that the musical horizon is trained far more and one devotes oneself to the topic of music holistically and is not just focused on one instrument or one branch.
Conclusion: Anyone who studies music receives a comprehensive package of musical knowledge and also gains the skills to pass this knowledge on. Anyone looking to work as a music teacher or professional musician should consider studying music. Everyone else can, of course, prove themselves in the music market without studying. What do you think about that? Write a comment!