A forklift drives a trade


Forklifts are all-rounders that roll over many operational routes. With their ability to lift and transport heavy loads and move around in the smallest of spaces, they have become indispensable helpers. However, the design and driving behavior make them a device with pitfalls - and safety-conscious handling of them is essential.


Professional competence
The students

  • list the dangers of handling forklifts
  • name the requirements that must be met in order to be allowed to drive a forklift truck
  • work out why forklift drivers have a restricted view in most work situations
  • explain how people on foot should behave when they encounter forklifts
  • develop general rules and requirements for the safe use of forklifts

Methodological competence
The students

  • reflect on their own experiences and previous knowledge in the moderated conversation
  • reflect the content of an unknown, topic-related instruction video and summarize its core messages

Social skills
The students

  • strengthen their ability to work in a team and willingness to cooperate through partner work
  • deal with the opinions of their classmates and learn to accept them

Didactic-methodological comment

Every year forklifts cause between 11,000 and 12,000 reportable accidents in Germany. The aim of this teaching material is to sensitize the pupils to the risks involved in handling forklifts. From the driver's point of view as well as from the point of view of people who can meet forklifts on foot.

The complete didactic-methodological commentary for download:

Background information for the teacher

  • Risks and causes of accidents when handling forklifts
  • Requirements for the driving license
  • Traffic routes
  • Pedestrian traffic and forklifts
  • General tips for the safe use of forklifts

The complete background information for download:

Teaching materials


All teaching materials, format: ZIP
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  • What the forklift driver sees
    Video clip, running time: 5.45 minutes

Media collection

  • Forklift
    Brochure of the professional association for wood and metal (BGHM) (DGUV Information 208-004)
  • Accident prevention regulations for industrial trucks
    DGUV regulation 68 of the professional association for wood and metal (BGHM)
  • Personal protection when using industrial trucks in narrow aisles
    Brochure with information on structural, technical and organizational measures for personal protection in narrow aisles (DGUV Information 208-030)
  • Use of working platforms on industrial trucks with lifting mast
    Brochure with legal bases and requirements for work platforms, people on work platforms and the drivers of industrial trucks (DGUV Information 208-031)
  • Training and commissioning of the drivers of industrial trucks with driver's seat and driver's cab
    DGUV principle 308-001
  • Handling of industrial trucks
    BGHW-Compact 4: Brochure of the trade association for trade and goods logistics (BGHW) on the safe handling of industrial trucks
  • Forklift driver - questionnaire 5
    VBG questionnaire to support and document instruction on the subject of "forklifts"
  • Top info: Operation of forklifts
    Explanatory video from the professional association for wood and metal (BGHM), running time: 7:29 min
  • www.flurfoerderzeuge.de
    Privately maintained homepage with a lot of interesting information. Overview of innovations in the industrial truck market