Who can apply for an auditor?

Auditor, apply for appointment

To apply, please use the forms of the Chamber of Public Accountants (link "Forms and Downloads"). You will find detailed information on the process in leaflets on the recognition procedure.

  • Complete the form and submit it to the regional office together with the required documents.
  • If nothing stands in the way of the order, you will receive an appointment for the swearing-in. After the swearing in, you will receive a certificate of admission.

As an auditor, you are not allowed to be an employee of accounting firms, tax consulting firms or law firms, but only their legal representatives.

Required documents

  • Completed application form for appointment as auditor including the associated declaration
  • Proof of passed examination for auditor
    • for citizens of another EU member state: confirmation of passing the aptitude test
  • Entry form for the original entry of the professional register as an auditor
  • If you are employed, additionally: certificate from the employer
  • If you work in your own practice, as a partner in a partner company or partner in another partnership without recognition as a professional association, you also need: Proof of professional liability insurance
  • Proof of academic titles, degrees and additions, if applicable
  • if necessary, extended list of partners
  • if necessary, a certificate of the partnership or self-declaration on reserved tasks as an auditor

Costs (fees)

  • Procedural fee: EUR 230.00 (EUR 400.00 re-appointment)
  • Annual membership fee for chamber membership
    (Please inquire with the responsible office which contribution amount is to be paid in your individual case.)

Legal basis

Release note

Chamber of Auditors. January 17, 2017

Prompt for location selection

(no location selection required)

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