What is your idea of ​​true power

Thoughts are your real power

thoughtsare Yours real


- if you thoughts understand, you are truly powerful!

Secret of thoughts

About 60,000 thoughts you think as a person on average every day

3% building, helpful thoughtsthat are useful to yourself or others

25% - destructive thoughtsthat harm yourself or others

72% - volatile, insignificant thoughtswho have favourited just wasted time and energy are

Table of Contents

01 the thought is the father of all things!

04 what science is about thoughts White

04 what ascended masters are about thoughts say

05 what thoughtsare

05 the speed of the thoughts

06 the world of matter

06 awareness

09 who you really are

07 the body

08 the soul

08 Creator of your world

08 how does creation work

09 how you create your future

09 I AM, the God Principle

10 divine freedom

10 why you are not divine

11 what people once were, what they are now are

12 the 7 levels of consciousness

13 the resistance of the nervous system

13 the science of knowledge

14 how you can know everything

14 thoughts, Food for being

15 social awareness

16 thoughts-Magnetism

16 thoughts-Lightning

16 thoughts in the brain

17 thoughts-Control of the brain

19 the corrupted ego

20 thoughts-Chemistry

20 the soul computer

20 the memory

21 knowledge and facts

21 the closed mind

21 the fully activated brain


22 old age and death

22 death

25 Self-healing through knowledge

25 why you are not sovereign

26 the ascended masters

27 the avatars, the living master

27 Teachings of the Ascended Masters

28 who is god

28 the void

29 the duality

30 Christian and Antichrist

30 source of the thoughts

30 thoughts from the environment

31 thoughts from food

31 thoughts and mind-expanding drugs

32 thoughts and smoking

32 thoughts and alcohol

33 thoughts and environmental toxins

33 the cycle of thoughts

34 growth of the thoughts

35 the all-consuming violet fire

37 Self-mastery

37 harmony

38 music

38 I AM who Makes the mantras

39 the Gyatri mantra

40 the astral realm

41 the function of fear

41 Anxiety and Health

42 the law of the spirit

43 the law of the mind on a global scale

44 responsibility for yours thoughts

45 Warning

46 tips for practice


50 Making mental effects visible


thoughts-Form the essence of the thoughts in pictures


The US Secret Service at the end of World War II in search of alchemy



thought is the father of all things!

Most people know this phrase, but hardly anyone knows it real Importance,

let alone the enormous scope of this sentence.

With the thoughts EVERYTHING begins - in the spiritual, without exception, the cause for EVERYTHING becomes

laid - no thing can be without it first im thoughts was. In reverse -

Everything that YOU perceive in your world, YOU thought first, it through YOURS

thoughts and animates feelings, thereby forcing it into existence - without exception. YOU

yourself are the architect of YOUR destiny! Through the Makes YOURS thoughts are you standing

at the level of a co-creator of this universe! The consequence of this - the human being is

himself through his thoughts the greatest enemy or the best friend. When man

his thinking changes, so the whole person changes.

what science is about thoughts White

As a scientist at the beginning of the 20th century, the nature of matter and the atom

explored, they discovered with amazement that matter is not as real as it is

always thought - it apparently consists more of energy clusters, which one calls standing waves

can describe electronic energy. In particular, the physicists were able to stay

and to describe the momentum of an electron only as a function of probabilities - besides

they had to acknowledge that the electron and thus all matter evidently had properties of

Owns consciousness. Through this knowledge, science ultimately has the

Ground for their materialistic attitude pulled away from under their feet. Given

Albert Einstein - probably the greatest physicist of the 20th

Century - once said: "It always looks like the whole thing

Universe is nothing more than a single grandiose thought! "- and with that he realized

really the crux of the truth.

So there are probably some scientists who suspect that thoughts-Power in the end

Cause of all things and all being are, but they don't know how it works - and they do

can't know as long as they deny the twin sister of the feeling

thoughts! But because the majority of scientists continue to focus on the materialistic

Dogma insists that everything must be measurable and experimentally researchable, hence matter

may not have any consciousness, in contradiction to the findings of their own science,

this has made itself blind to the truth, what thoughtsare - because rough

Measuring devices can be the essence of the thoughts and not reveal consciousness.

Science will therefore continue (presumably) in vain with measuring devices

search faster than light particles, the tachyons, which predict their theories without

however, ever getting the idea that their own thoughts-Particle actually exactly

these tachyons arewho only persistently refuse to undergo the rough measurements of the

To reveal experimental physics.

But if YOU are free in consciousness, then YOU can easily see that YOU are yours

thoughts only therefore in the past and future and to the most distant objects in the

Universe without the slightest loss of time, because thoughts any

Above the speed of light can assume.


what ascended masters about thoughts say

Everything is thought or electronic light energy! Like invisible water vapor =

moist air, visible water vapor = clouds, water or ice always the same are,

Water at different energy levels or levels of vibration, like that arethoughts

the essence of all things visible and invisible - all things are at long last thoughts

at different energy levels.

The quality of all things, especially whether something is visible or invisible, is only determined by

the frequency or rate of oscillation of the thoughts certain - matter is only as it were

congealed, frozen thought. Just like an airplane propeller becomes invisible when

you increase your speed, like that are the ascended masters usually for us

invisible, the frequency of their electrons is so high that we cannot perceive them

ability - however, they have the ability to consciously change the frequency of their electrons

slow down - they will then become visible to us.

What thoughtsare

thoughtsare for us invisible hyper-light, electrons without a material coat of theirs

Could reduce the rate of oscillation, electronic light energy whose energy quanta themselves

move at any faster than the speed of light. The masters name these quanta

pure light-energy, pure spirit Ze'on or Zi'on - our scientists would have theirs

classify material aspect as sub-quark. The Masters therefore call people who

the Makes conscious of the pure mind are and work with Zi'on, that real People of Zion -

that has nothing to do with the Jewish religion.

You slow down thoughts, pulls it down as if in a transformer, receives it

we have 'normal' light that is visible to us, electrons with a material coat, without electrical ones

Charge, which reduces its rate of oscillation and limits it to the speed of light -

our scientists call this photons.

If you slow down 'normal' light further, it suffers distortion and splitting - you

receives electricity, electrons with a material coat and electrical charge - one

Splitting into negative and positive charge carriers, what our scientists electrons

and call positrons.

If you finally slow down electricity, the charge carriers coagulate in forms, 'particles'

of matter as positively and negatively charged particles, with the electron still

is the indivisible core of all particles, albeit with a very limited oscillation rate.

the speed of thoughts

The thought - the Father - is the indivisible supreme Absolute or the limitless

Consciousness room. Therefore are all thoughts at every point of the limitless


Consciousness space as in a hologram always present - therefore have

thoughts From this point of view, in truth, no speed either - just

from the relative standpoint of science one must give them any

Measure the speed of light.

the world of matter

Keep this aspect in mind when slowing down thoughts to matter - our world

The matter is created in this process by distortion and splitting into particles that only

exist in duality - through illusion. An important lesson from this fact is

this - our world of matter and forms can only be experienced through the illusion of duality

- we cannot perceive anything without the glasses of duality. Everything that our senses

convey, from a more comprehensive point of view, is a perfect illusion that we cannot see through,

until we learn to see without the glasses of duality, as the Masters do.

electronic light substance

thoughts, Energy, light, matter are different states of electrons. Because

Electrons are the substance of light, light and electrons are therefore identical are, they speak

Ascended Master of Electronic Light Substance, as the Substance that all forms

builds up. And since you know the different states of water, you also understand in

Analogy of the different states of electronic light-substance.

Electrons -



electron. Light substance






Water visibility

Gaseous water vapor = humidity

Water vapor condensed = clouds








Realize this - thoughtsare electronic light-energy, electrons on different

Vibration levels, pure energy, pure mind,

indestructible, indivisible and eternal - in contrast to atoms, which do not have an eternal lifespan

own and disintegrate after certain periods of time. One coined at different times

different but equivalent words for the same electronic light substance. Man

called them - mind, light, fire, energy, prana, orgone, chi, vibration.


Consciousness is the gateway between the visible and the invisible - the focus of yours

Consciousness shapes the electronic light substance through the Makes Yours thoughts, gives

her the shape. Your feeling enlivens this form and thus forces it into existence - that's that

Creation process that you keep going constantly - that is why you are the creator of your world.

Electronic light substance instantly takes on the form that is in yours thoughts

is included - but because your thoughts mostly uncontrolled and not powerful enough are,

can the thoughtsform does not come into existence directly. Just like seeds stay in the ground

and can germinate at any time, so remains the thoughtsform in the unrevealed im

Waiting state to come into existence at any time, if you do it again with thoughts and

Feeling invigorating.

Wherever you direct electronic light substance - through yours thoughts, Feelings,

Words and actions, they carry your very special, unmistakable stamp - them

remain forever connected to you as their originator. Because the electrons each

Life stream differ in their elementary structure like snowflakes

from each other and thereby give the stream of life its unmistakable identity.

thoughtsBut energy that you send out is indestructible - it reverses the law of the circle

obeying to you again and again for the purpose of salvation - you will always again

with the creations of your own thoughts faced until you get them through thoughts the

Transforming love into perfection and thus redeemed.

who you really are

In your higher being you are not a being made of flesh - you are an invisible one

Entity, a collection of thoughts, Feelings and attitudes that go together

Make up your unique personal self. You are the sum in every moment

Yours thoughts and feelings - you are your hopes and dreams, your fears and

Desires, your pride and your passions.

In reality you are spirit and soul - beings of light and beings of feeling in one. Your mind,

Focal point of flaming, intelligent light energy, envelops all molecular structures

Your body and only gives it life force. This invisible being, your life force

out thoughts, from energy, gives your physical shell value, vitality, character. It

makes your eyes see, your mouth speaks, your limbs move - and nothing

can ever destroy this energy, therefore your soul, your life energy is immortal.

Without everything that is invisible about you - your outstanding intelligence, your creative

thoughts and thought processes and the deep feeling of your soul - if you were nothing. What


could be the reason for the life and the beauty of a flower if there was no one there

to admire them. Your being is the reason - yours thoughts and feelings make you

Co-creator - You are far greater than people know and allow you to be.

the body

Your body is the sum of yours in its form thoughts - he's a wonderful one

Highly complicated machine - but without what brings it to life, without you, it is

just dead matter that decays in a short time. Your body was created to do that

can accommodate highly complex, electrical systems of light variables from which

the real Essence of self - a flaming light principle of pure energy that is in

Your body lives to gain the reward of creative life, the ability to


the soul

The seat of the soul is a bone cavity near the heart in which there is only electrical energy

gives. Your soul stores everyone thoughtsthat you've ever thought in terms of feelings.

Through the unique compilation of feelings stored in your soul are,

you have a unique self-identity - you are unmistakable in your sensations


Creator of your world

You yourself are the creator of your world in every moment - you alone create yours

Live through your own thought processes, through what you think. All you think

you will feel too - and everything you feel becomes real and creates the circumstances

Of your life. You are the one who is completely responsible for everything you ever do

have been, done or experienced. You have every moment and every circumstance yours

Life created. You chose to be who you are. You yourself have your appearance

and you have fully planned and predetermined the way you live.

You have the Makesto create the grandeur of the stars through the Makes Yours

thoughts and feelings - only you limit these awesome ones Makes by

Your ignorance, your doubts, your fears, your recognition of the

social awareness. The sublime Makes the ascended master is only one

Awareness setting, one thoughts far from you - you are not inferior, only


how does creation work


Imagine you're at a party - happy and boisterous. A friend pulls you in

Page to let you know - your mother had a car accident, she got serious

injured - immediately arethoughts the fear there, you are depressed and sad. To

After a while the same friend comes to you to apologize - it wasn't yours

Mother who had an accident, he had this information unchecked by a third person

passed on - immediately arethoughts the joy there, you are relieved. Simultaneously

come thoughts of criticism and anger - you even raise feelings of anger at the


But what happened objectively in the external world about your thoughts and feelings die

to run through the whole gamut from joy to sorrow - nothing, absolutely nothing. Everything has

only played in your imagination, in your consciousness, in your thoughts and feelings.

Sure, you have your consciousness attitudes based on information from yours

Friend changed, but the truth is - you would have your settings anytime without

can change the friend - you are the creator.

Just imagine a state of happiness for a moment and your whole body becomes

flowed through with joy. Just play the part of the pathetic creature for a moment

nobody loves, and you are full of grief and self-pity. A moment is enough

to stop crying and laugh happily - a moment is enough to stop

judge and feel the beauty of things. Who did it all - you yourself, you

are the creator!

Has anything changed around you while you were doing it for fun thoughts and

Created feelings inside you - NO - only you yourself have changed. Everything,

what defines you has changed very well, is as an experience in your soul

saved. You are exactly what you think - because everything you think you will be in shape

of feelings inside you too - your soul will faithfully store it -

and everything you think and feel will sooner or later become your reality. If you

ponder gloomily, you will be distressed. If you think joy, you will have it.

When you think about inspiration and genius are they already there.

how to create your future

How will your future be created - by thoughts! Plan all the days that lie ahead of you

You through yours today thoughts. Because every thought, every fantasy and every one

Intention creates a feeling in your body that is stored in your soul. This

Feeling is then a prerequisite for the events in your life, because it becomes circumstances

draw on you that fit exactly to the feeling recorded in your soul and this

recreated again.

Know that every word you speak creates your future days! Words are just

Sounds that express feelings in your soul - and feelings are out thoughts born. Things

do not happen by accident - no one is a victim of someone else's plans and intentions.

Everything that happens to you, you have thought into your own life and felt - you have it

Fantasized to you in the form of fears or worries - what if -. Or someone has

Told you that something was like this and not different - and you accepted it as truth. Everything,


what happens happens as a deliberate act - determined by thoughts and feeling -


Every thought you ever thought, every fantasy you allowed yourself, every word

that you've ever spoken are either really enter or are still waiting

Unrevealed to become your reality. thoughtsare the realn

Life givers - they never die and can never be destroyed - you used them to

to create every moment of your life.

I AM, the God Principle

thoughtsare Your link to the Spirit of God - he leaves each of yours thoughts, each

Word that you ever speak will become truth through his everlasting commandment I AM, from

Most shameful and ugliest to the most delicious and sublime - but only you in that

Duality makes these differences between good and bad.

The father only knows life, the way it is, the principle I AM - for him there is no good

or angry, he never judges or evaluates - that is love in the highest perfection. God could

also do not judge at all - since he is everything, everything is also part of him - even his own

ignorant and therefore only 'bad' children in your judgment. If he ever

condemned, he would have to condemn a part of himself - why should the tree

condemn its flowers because they are not yet fruit are - why should the highest intelligence

do something like that to yourself?

Think about how unconditional and limitless the truth of God is - the love

Allow you to be whatever you like without ever judging yourself - the everyone

Yours thoughts and make each of your words come true.

You get everything that you say - you become everything that you already are in consciousness.

You are everything you think - whatever you choose to do. The lower you yourself

guess the lower you will get. The less you appreciate your intelligence, the more

you become dumber. The less you think you are beautiful, the uglier you become. Ever

The poorer you feel, the poorer you get. You yourself have determined that it is so

should be - the mistake is yours if you wanted something else in your heart!

So who is he real Creator of your life - you! who is the real Builder of yours

Life - you! You have everything that you are through the sum of your individual thoughts

created - by the thoughtswho is God.

divine freedom

You live an awesome life in glorious freedom - you have the freedom of will

everyone thoughts to think and allow what you like. By this awesome

Ability you have created everything for yourself. Each of yours thoughts he will do it

Fate that lies before you - every feeling creates the path before you that is called life.

Whatever you think and then feel will happen in your life just like that.


You are the lawgiver, the highest creator of your life and your living conditions -

therein lies your divinity, which is your essence. Realize that you are the Makes got that

To create grandeur of the stars - You are no less than the ascended masters -

You just live in ignorance of who you really are.

why you are not divine

Because you live in ignorance and continue to insist by telling the truth many times

refuse that sets you free. But if you take away a person's divinity, that

its essence is - then one can easily control and manipulate it. Realize that

it is the mighty powers of the earth and their ignorant helpers in the churches are, yours

Denying divinity that prevents the dawn of knowledge - yours all the time

persuade you were born in sin, small and powerless.

you are it that you through dogma, laws, traditions, copyright, fashion, forms,

Enslave taxes - just to Makes to have about you. They tell you they want evil

weed out - and you willingly give your consent. But what they really do is

only ever eradicate the truth that sets you free - book burns served

always this goal.

Ascended Masters like Jesus taught simple truths. You are as a person

divine and immortal in essence - love is the essence of God - through alone

Love you can be a conscious son of God yourself. They didn't need a religion for that

create - and have never done it. But they accept all religions because they love as

central core included. That is why the living master and avatar Sai Baba always says

again - there is only one religion, the religion of love.

Jesus taught - the source of his love is the Father - who is the same in every person.

That gave him the freedom and the strength to embrace all of humanity, himself from everyone

To resolve illusions that kept him in a life of hypocrisy. With that he became a

Man who expresses himself fully as God - a God-man, a Christian. Because everyone who

recognizes that he himself is God in the form of man - and then lives this truth - is

a christian.

But people have taken these simple teachings, distorted them according to their will and

made a dogma out of it. They created religions to suit people and peoples

to keep under control. Because when gun violence no longer helped, people got through

the instrument of fear held fast - fear was always the ruler, it never has

given another.

Realize that your realMakes yet is infinitely larger. Through your thoughts

you can raise yourself to the level of consciousness above any obstacle

ascended master by gagging you all these fake thoughts no more

think and reject in consciousness. With this knowledge you can feel about any

Raise fear - you are then no longer a slave to the wishes of others, but live as a whole

according to your own - then the joy comes back.


what people once were, what they are now are

Once people walked the earth as creators. Conscious of their limitless

Divinity they could create the beauty of flowers - simply by creating brilliants

clear thoughts thought of beauty and joy.

In the struggle for survival for many millennia, they have forgotten their divine essence and

deny it even through their science - yet they remain what they always were -

Creator of their world. By their uncontrolled thoughts and feelings they have one

Creating life of limitation by accepting limited ideas that then become

tangible truths inside and finally became the reality of their lives. Your

greatest creations are hence war, misfortune, sorrow, misery, misery, hatred, discord,

Self-rejection, old age, illness and death.

They have publicly repudiated immortality, although their soul is immortal -

and for that they will die and come back here again and again until they die

Realize truth that death only exists because it is it through their own thoughts

have created. Ascended Masters who were once people of this earth have them

Immortality, its victory over death repeatedly demonstrated in front of people -

even today we still celebrate the feast of Ascension.

How did the ascended masters conquer death - by not having it in consciousness

longer recognized as truth - through their knowledge that he doesn't really exist because he

is just an illusion of the mind - by unwavering clinging to that Makessaying

- I AM the resurrection and life - so it became their reality.

How did people create death - by having it in their consciousness and through theirs

thoughts acknowledge as inevitable and real - by being adamant about it are,

that it has to be - by "knowing" with certainty that it exists.

But if you as the creator of your world say, I know that there is death, then it must

exist for you because you want it to be - that is not God's will, it is your law. If

Instead you in consciousness and in all of yours thoughts adamantly insist on it

say - I know that death does not exist because it is only an illusion - then it has to be earlier

or later also become your reality - you are the legislator.

the 7 levels of consciousness

thoughts- Oscillations reveal themselves on 7 oscillation octaves, steps of

Awareness of understanding.


1- reproduction and survival

2- fear and pain

3- Makes

4- accepting love

5- expressing love

6- the knowledge of God in all living things

7- the knowledge - I AM - God

In the material world, these 7 octaves of vibration reveal themselves in 4 manifestations,

which we according to their appearance and their degree of consciousness according to matter, plant, animal or

Calling human, with a level of awareness one octave higher. The

In comparison with humans, matter has hardly any consciousness, but they show

Appearances in the crystal that consciousness is already present in matter.

But only the human being has the possibility to be on several levels of consciousness

reveal - it can become conscious on 4 oscillation octaves as:

1 - human being characterized by his mind

2 - Genius characterized by his intuition

3 - Characterized by his wisdom and prophet

universal love

4 - God-man characterized by his omniscience and his


At the seventh level of consciousness, man himself is the totality of all thoughts.

For a being of this level there are no more levels, only

the existence. Such a person is himself the feeling of all things, all knowledge, all thinking

become - that is the level of God-Man on which the ascended masters are

are located. That is why they know that to become one with God is to say I AM. And the

only way for you to perceive God, to understand, to feel, emotionally to

To understand is to understand your own being - then you will know God and BE like him.

Then you too can say - I know who the father is because the father and me are ONE -

I know who I AM.

the resistance of the nervous system

Every being can thoughts- Oscillations only within its oscillation octave

consciously endure it because the resilience of its nerve centers to the greater energies of the


higher octave - they would punch through and burn that

Beings die of convulsions.

In the case of certain human diseases, it is possible that the normally im

Human spinal cord isolated energies from higher octaves (Kundalini energies)

get prematurely into nerve centers that do not yet have sufficient resistance.

These then break through, we rightly call it a stroke. But a person who

consolidated through spiritual exercises, thoughts-Energies from higher octaves of consciousness

can consciously endure, who perceives this as an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

Realize this - as a human being, you are capable of the resistance of your nerve centers

by accepting higher thoughts and through practice, thought after thought, to a higher level

Raise level of consciousness - and every such thought makes you more divine.

the science of knowledge

You have the ability to be everything, to know everything, by being everything yourself in consciousness

and feel in your soul. To understand this, you have to understand - everything, every thing and

every being exists because of the thoughtss who is the Spirit of God. And everything shines

thoughts its existence as light back to the stream of consciousness, the river

all thoughts, on the Spirit of God. All that exists is one without exception

Surrounding the light field - and in the light is the image of the thoughtss included. And first the light

transforms the thoughts-Form that thoughts-Ideal in the form of matter.

All things around you flow by the simple fact of their existence not just that

thoughts of their being on the stream of all consciousness, but also their awareness

of everything that exists around it - this is called collective perception. The carpet,

The one you are sitting on is aware of its colors and perceives who is sitting on it. The

Plant is aware of the room in which it stands. This consciousness changes into

every moment, because God, the river of all thoughtsin which everything floats is always in

Understanding expansion and movement.

Everything, every star system, every speck of dust, every being, whether visible or invisible, shines

the thoughts of his being back to the source of his being, to the thoughts who created them -

and therefore it is possible to know everything.

how you can know everything

Your physical body is surrounded by a light field, the aura, which is the matter of yours

Body surrounds and holds together. It extends from the density of electricity to the

Infinity of thoughtss. Part of the aura is a strong electromagnetic field,

split into positive and negative charges - but beyond that there is a light

Sphere, a sphere of undivided pure energy. That is the spirit of your being - and that is

directly with the Spirit of God, the flow of all thoughts connected in which all things are known

and known are.


Your mind lets everyone thoughts from the flow of thoughts and knowing through this

strong and powerful energy field of the aura flow. Your own thoughtsOperations

decide there which of these thoughts You become aware and known by the

electromagnetic part of your aura only such thoughts attracts that with your respective

Consciousness setting compatible are.

Your spirit is like the sieve of a gold washer on the eternally flowing, eternally changing

Flow of all thoughtsthat contains all knowledge. By the light of your spirit you have

truly the ability to know everything - all you have to do is change your mindset

change who claims this is impossible and allow everyone thoughts Your

Reach awareness. That means you have to stop judging and judging, you

must begin to be as God is - that is what the ascended masters do.

thoughts, Food for being

The consciousness of all being is like a great river - and you live through it thoughts out

this stream of all consciousness. Your being is constantly taking from him thoughts-Substance, so

how your body lives through the blood stream, from which it is constantly drawing nutrients.

You create every moment of your existence through thoughtsthat the current all

Spring from consciousness. You take from him thoughts, feel it in your soul - nourish

and thereby expand your being and send the thoughts Your expanded being back

into the flow of all consciousness, so that the consciousness of all life expands.

Suppose you have a creative one thoughts received and accepted. You feel

him - he is recorded as an electrical vibration in your soul, as wisdom

and treasure your experience. Expanded and strengthened by you, it is now leaving

Vibrate your body and go back out into the stream of all consciousness. A

others can now use this vibration as their own thoughts record and be creative

Use the suggestion. Realize this truth - everyone else has access to what you are

think and feel - they are nourished by yours thoughtsjust as you nourish yourself from theirs.

social awareness

The stream of all consciousness is the totality of all thoughts with different

Vibrational frequencies that emanate from all things and beings. thoughts of

social consciousnesses have slow, low frequencies. The thoughts of

Super-consciousnesses vibrate at much higher frequencies - and every thought draws

again similar from everywhere thoughts at.

Social consciousness is a thicket of electrical ones thoughts-Vibrations off

realized thinking - from thoughts those already felt and through the auratic field

back in the flow of everyone thoughts from which all others feed.

These thoughtsare very restrictive, judgmental and harsh - it arethoughts of fears,

Food, Housing, Work, Money, Old Age, Illness, Death, Fashion, Beauty, Accepted

be, comparisons such as good-bad, suitable-unsuitable.


With their low frequencies they easily penetrate your auratic field - this is how you become

constantly this limited thoughts of a very limited, stagnant consciousness

offered as food because that prevails in the thoughts and feelings of those around you.

Because you live in ignorance, you do not know this food that limits your being

Consciousness back. In doing so, you allow these to be limited thoughts Food for your

Be are. Therefore, you too radiate them back into the stream in the form of limited feelings

of all consciousness and so ignorantly contribute to perpetuating the limited thinking of


Awareness in our big cities is particularly limited because most

People there are very competitive, time and fashion oriented are and fear each other and

not accept - that's why are such cities very much surrounded by an auratic envelope

dense consciousness from low-frequency, limited thoughts.

That is why people are unconsciously drawn to nature again and again. You can still find them there

higher frequency thoughts of super-consciousness - thoughts of life, harmony, unity,

eternal flow, being, love, joy, spirit, genius - unlimited thoughtswho are the

Withdraw expression through words, because feeling is more unlimited thoughts can not be with

Words describe - it are indescribable, overwhelming feelings of happiness. There in the

In nature, life is simple, timeless, perpetual and in perfect harmony with itself

yourself. There, far from people's judgment, you can hear the heartbeat of yours

still hear your own knowledge.

Perhaps now you understand what you are really doing when you get the news

See, hear or read war and then do not reject them in consciousness as not

acceptable reality of your being - you then unknowingly animate the thoughts on it.

That is why the war can come back to life again and again, because you too are in it thoughts accepted

and have sympathized - you are an ignorant co-creator of wars and everyone else too.

Only the thought I AM the peace of the unshakable in consciousness

World can make wars impossible. And there is nothing more contagious than one in love

consciously sent thought - it can effortlessly remain effective even for millennia, like

You can recognize in Jesus.


thoughts self are charged with strong magnetic forces that are similar thoughts

attract from everywhere. But the electromagnetic part of your aura also attracts everyone

such thoughts towards you, towards your respective consciousness attitude, yours

own thinking processes, fit your emotional state - something similar always draws something similar