How can I learn English 20

Learn English App

No matter which app you choose to learn English: Discover our 4 tips for flexible and successful learning English with an app:

1. Practice English on the go

Most of us almost always have our smartphones with us when we are out and about. That's why you can learn with your app anytime and anywhere and save a lot of time. Because: it learns just as well on the go as it does at home.

Instead of leafing through a boring magazine in the waiting room when visiting the doctor, you can use your language learning app Listen to English lessons. Simply put headphones on and off you go! You can also use a train ride and boring car journeys to learn English, so you don't even have to plan extra study time. This makes learning English with apps even more relaxed!

2. Learn English while doing sports

Whole-body training with a difference: train your English skills and your endurance at the same time! Listening to music during sports is commonplace, but have you ever tried learning English and jogging?

You simply improve your English skills on the side and don't even notice how time flies. Your sports unit will just pass you by and you will improve your English skills at the same time.

In addition, our brain activity is in full swing while we exert ourselves physically. That means: You are in a particularly receptive state and thus learn even more easily and effectively. You should definitely take advantage of that!

3. Practice learning locations for English

Is your desk getting boring? No problem! Try other places to unpack your English exercises. Take your smartphone and open your English app wherever you want: Outside in nature with a nice walk or while you relax by the lake.

There are almost no limits when learning with an English app. So forget your typical workplace and treat yourself to a change of scenery.

By the way: It is also easy to learn in bed just before falling asleep. The relaxed state of your body makes you twice as receptive. You will be amazed how much you will know the next day.

4. Learn English in everyday life

Do you often put off planned activities, especially when it comes to learning English? Don't worry, we have the solution: With an app you can Simply integrate learning English into your everyday life without a large study plan. So don't put it on the back burner, start learning English today.

Unpack your English app again and again spontaneously in all sorts of everyday situations and start with the exercises without thinking too much about it.

Whether while cooking or on the sofa, when nothing exciting is on TV: With an app you can learn English spontaneously anytime and anywherewithout having to plan a large time window for it. Learning English with an app is particularly suitable for all lazy people or those of you who have little time.