Is Robo 2 0 a hit or a flop?

Jenny's Flop Movie of the Year - Transformers 3

Yeah, the Michael Bay bashing isn't getting any younger and you just have to turn off your brain, dude! It was clear to me beforehand that Transformers 3 would not have what it takes to become a classic, but I was still shocked by its shallows.

I advocate the principle that any film, no matter how bad it may be on the surface, can hide interesting facets. That's why I went into Transformers 3, even though Transformers - The Vengeance felt like a jaw hook against my intelligence. Out of sheer curiosity, so to speak, to find out what influence 3D technology would have on Michael Bay's style. After all, the eccentric filmmaker said something about unusually long takes in advance. From a purely formal point of view, Michael Bay is and remains an interesting director, but interesting is far from good and good is the last word that would come to mind on Transformers 3.

The decision to put Transformers 3 at number 1 on my flop 7 wasn't even so much due to the drowsy action scenes, the sexism, or the absolute lack of tension in the film. These are elements that belong to the franchise and shouldn't surprise anyone in the third part. What actually shocked me a little about Transformers 3, on the other hand, was the absolute absence of any humanity, any humanity whatsoever. I don't even mean the grand human gesture of Steven Spielberg. Instead, I am concerned with the little moments in which a (catastrophe) film shows that something is at stake, that human lives are at stake and that are fundamentally worth something.

The cold indifference with which Transformers 3 sent thousands of people to their deaths in the great invasion of Chicago has no function. It does not make us viewers complicit, as was the case with Stanley Kubrick many times, it is not a comment, not a satirical exaggeration of anything. She is the result of sheer laziness. Transformers 3 represents the high point of a blockbuster cinema so far, in which people, whether film characters or viewers, become extras and the spectacle becomes the main actor. With his third robo hit, Michael Bay has set standards in terms of sheer showmanship that even a World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles can only dream of.

Of course, Transformers 3 remains fascinating. Pessimists may speak of a trend towards dehumanization in American blockbusters. I would not go so far. In a way, Michael Bay involuntarily shot a cinematic dystopia with Transformers 3 that shows what the system called blockbuster can become if the individual parts of a film are arranged entirely according to their market value.

My flop 7 of the films of the year:
1. Transformers 3
2. Mad Circus - A ballad of love and death
4. Police egg
5. Hesher - The rebel
6. Super 8
7. The client

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