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"It's not just stories, it's a piece of life"

Stressler, Julia (2019) "It's not just stories, it's a piece of life".
Diploma thesis, University of Vienna. Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies
Supervisor: Ganser-Blumenau, Alexandra

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Abstract in English

The history of indigenous nations in the United States is filled with tragedy and loss. However, it is also a story of great perseverance and strength demonstrated by many indigenous nations, such as the Lenape. Their story specifically was characterized by numerous relocations and migrations, with each move leading to new problems and difficult situations for them. However, their stories have helped them in sustaining their culture and keeping the community together. Interviews with Lenape individuals in different locations in the U.S. give valuable insight into the purpose, practice and preservation of their storytelling traditions today. Although for most Lenape the practice has changed considerably and their opinions on the best method of preservation differ, the purpose of stories and their importance for Lenape culture has not changed over time. Collecting oral histories within the Lenape culture supports positive actions towards raising awareness for indigenous cultures.

Keywords in English

Native American Oral Traditions / Native Americans / Native American Storytelling / Native American Spirituality

Abstract in German

After Columbus' view of having discovered India, a decade-long genocide of Native Americans in North America followed. Due to numerous wars, the spread of disease, and the theft of land and resources, the number of indigenous people decreased dramatically. However, many tribes managed to survive and preserve their culture. The Lenape tribe was headquartered on the east coast of the United States, in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. Over the years they broke up into many ingroups and formations. Today most of the Lenape-Delaware live on a reservation in Oklahoma. They managed to keep their culture and independence through their special spirituality and traditions. In particular, the oral traditions, which represent the essence of their culture in a special way, played a special role. Interviews with some Lenape in various locations in the United States provide insight into the practice and preservation of this particular tradition today.

Keywords in German

American natives

Document Type: University thesis (diploma thesis)
Author:Stressler, Julia
Title:"It's not just stories, it's a piece of life"
Subtitle:the purpose, practice and preservation of Lenape-Delaware storytelling in a diachronic perspective
Circumference:95 pages: illustrations, maps
Institution:University of Vienna
Faculty:Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies
Degree title or
University course (ULG):
Teacher training course UF English UF Psychology and Philosophy
Publication year:2019
Language:eng ... English
Supervisor:Ganser-Blumenau, Alexandra
Assessor:Ganser-Blumenau, Alexandra
Classification:17 Linguistics and literary studies> 17.06 Linguistics: General
AC number:AC15392493
Document ID:57731
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