Vietnamese drink too much alcohol


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Posted: 09/10/2003, 2:35 pm (no title)

What drinks do you have in Vietnam and what do they cost?
What is the typical drink of the Vietnamese?
Is there a particularly good type of beer?
What do you typically drink with your meal?
Can you buy wine and is it recommended? Rice wine?
How about tea Do you drink more green tea or jasmine tea, like in China?
What about the schnapps? Is there any rice schnapps?
What are your favorite drinks?
Lots of questions - but that's the way it is before you travel to a distant country for the first time! Please explain to me!


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Hello Torin,

When you're out and about, it's best to have mineral water with you, which you can buy at every corner.

The most typical drink is green tea and is simply served on every occasion.

As for beer, I liked the "Bia Hanoi" and "333" quite well.

You can of course also buy rice wine and it tastes quite good too. Otherwise there are imported wines.

So much for my little beverage customer


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Hello Torin,

In contrast to Sasche, I can recommend all beers in Vietnam, e.g. 'Hanoi Beer', 'Saigon Beer', 'Hudda Beer', etc. There are local breweries everywhere, but I don't like the 333. It's sweet and made from rice. The Vietnamese themselves also love to drink beer. Sometimes you can be seen sitting at the table in the street restaurants with a box (for empty bottles).
There is even Vietnamese wine. Red and white wine. At temperatures around 30 degrees, I didn't like it (red wine) that much.
Then there is very good local coffee and of course tea. Whereby tea is rather rare. In any case, I didn't drink any, just coffee.
If you are just looking for something to quench your thirst, mineral water, cola, ice tea, Fanta, fruit juices, etc.
Everything the thirst desires.
In terms of price, it is very, very different. In the discos the prices are partly like ours. But otherwise you can expect about 0.8 euros for a 450 ml beer.
I don't know my way around schnapps.
Many greetings
     met moi

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I dare say the typical drink in VN is beer.
Particularly popular with the Vietnamese: Heineken and Tiger.
A good Vietnamese beer is Bia Saigon (red).
A very cheap (and qualitatively very different beer) is Bia Hoi, which is served openly.

There is excellent green tea and the coffee is prime stuff, especially the roasts from Nha Trang.

On the street you will find many stalls selling delicious, fresh fruit juices.

I cannot recommend any Vietnamese wines, imported ones are expensive and mostly incorrectly stored.

Rice schnapps should be consumed with caution, house brandies are better than industrial goods. There are also the rice schnapps that are made with herbs / roots / snakes / seahorses.

Tribeco-Cola is better than Pepsi, unfortunately hardly available anymore.


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Thank you Sascha, Bernd and Met Moi for your detailed contributions. The selection seems to be large and good.
I also read something about freshly squeezed juices (fruit and sugar cane) - but I have to say that I was always a little careful in other Asian countries (because of the possible consequences of diarrhea): How do you see that?
Greetings Torin

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Written on: Sep 14, 2003, 3:39 pm (no title)

something has already been said about many drinks. After the first week, I also "refreshed" myself with freshly squeezed fruit juices and sugar cane juice. the problem is the ice. if you can get "safer ice cream" in a restaurant then the problem is at least smaller. in hanoi there was always draft beer in the old town from the afternoon, about 0.3l for 1500 dong (10 cents: D). locals and tourists met there, and the atmosphere was very good.
best regards

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I can also recommend the fresh fruit juices. the beer is delicious, wine is not so great in the tropical warmth anyway. when you're really off, like after a walk through a city, get some jasmine tea somewhere. he'll get you back on your feet. is better than a cold drink. i never had any problems with the ice cream, even took some in the mekong delta: D
and never had problems. I don't want to recommend this now: D, if only because of the threat of recourse.

: p but m.e. you don't need to be too scared either.

greetings amazona

Posted: 25.10.2003, 12:19 PM mineral water

In my experience, many types of water taste disgusting like chlorine. However, the types of water from Cola, Pepsi and Nestlé are easy to enjoy (just look at the signs) and are not significantly more expensive than the other chemical bombs.
     Micha L

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Posted: 19.11.2003, 21:20 drinks

If you have a reliable source, Cuoc Lui, "Heimlicher vom Lande", if I translate it correctly, is recommended. I like it better than the industrially produced one.

The ubiquitous beer gardens are an experience. There is a lot of activity and a good atmosphere. Interestingly, the beer gardens have a guarded parking lot


Micha L

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Posted: 27.12.2003, 12:54 beer


I'm a fan of Vietnamese beer.
So far I haven't been disappointed.
My favorite varieties are:
Halida (but if possible from the barrel)

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Posted: 01/13/2004, 00:30 drinks

Hi, I am here for the first time! FROM NOW MORE Often, I'm almost in Hanoi, just a few more lines,
The big problem is, in my opinion, the ice cream, which is better prepared from boiled water, the water supply is an EXTA CHAPTER.
I highly recommend beer, which is drunk there on every occasion,
hanoi beer is very drinkable, the Vietnamese create problems - everyone drinks beer, but after the 3rd it suddenly stops when it starts to taste

see you soon Grille

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Posted: 01/13/2004, 3:03 pm Ice in the beer

Hi Grille,

In VN I have already drank beer in the most possible and, if you want to call it that, in the most "impossible" places.
And nowhere did I go without ice in it.
So far, I've never had any problems with it personally.


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After 3 weeks of thorough drinks study in Vietnam, I can report the following result:

Beer, like almost everywhere in Asia, can also be drunk very well in Vietnam. Personally, I liked the Saigon (green) best.

Wine, well, you shouldn't have too high standards. But the fruity red wine from Dalat also flows through a European throat.

Alcohol-free: I loved the lemon juice. Simply very refreshing and delicious.

And what about the ice cubes? After I realized that the glasses were mostly only roughly rinsed with water, if at all, and that one or the other straw had already been used and not rinsed, I actually stopped thinking about boiled or unboiled ice cubes.

Regards JayKay

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Posted: 01/19/2004, 01:07 am Beer in Vietnam

My personal favorite beers in Vietnam:

Hanoi Bia,
Huda Bia
Saigon Xanh (the green one)

I had another good beer near Hue: Festival-Bia

You can also drink the well-known BaBaBa (333) and Saigon Do (red) and sometimes even get it in Germany in a good Asian shop.

But not that you think I'm an alcoholic ... mostly I drank green tea or just water.

Best wishes,
jens & chi


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Does anyone know the current local beer prices?

In 2001 it was like this:

Bottle of Huda in Hue restaurant 10,000 dong. Crate of beer for the bottle of Huda 5,000 and 500 deposit.

BGI in the restaurant 11,000 dong (0.7l). I don't know in the box.

Bia hoi (Chi oi mot bia hoi) was 1500-2500 dong. Depended on how you ordered it. Really!!!

Otherwise I can report more in March.
My wife only said that the prices went up ENORM, especially before TET.