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Oral sex is dangerous to oral health

We're used to thinking of oral sex as the safest, and there is a reasonable grain in that. It does not lead to an unwanted pregnancy, and the chances of getting infected in this case are much lower than with other sexual contacts. The lining of the mouth is a natural barrier that prevents infection from entering the blood, and saliva helps fight bacteria.

And yet, without precautionary measures, oral sex can lead to a number of diseases that require long and harsh treatment.

Julia Clowa from will tell you what to remember to keep men and women healthy during sex.

Mechanical injury

Most often with orogenital contact, the tongue's reins suffer. It rubs against the sharp edges of the front incisors, and a small abscess appears on it. In this case, it is very important to take a break until complete healing, as a second bacterial infection can occur with repeated trauma. And it comes with more serious consequences and requires long-term treatment.

Occasionally fellatio can damage the soft palate, accompanied by redness and blotches. In these unpleasant sensations, a person cannot feel. As a rule, the spots pass within a week, whereby oral contact has to be avoided.

Infectious diseases

Mechanical trauma, unfortunately, isn't the only negative consequence of oral sex. If a partner has herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and other sexually transmitted diseases, they can pass them on to another partner through unprotected contact.

What are the symptoms Most often we are talking about pharyngitis and tonsillitis - lesions of the mucous membrane of the throat and tonsils, which are accompanied by fever, pain in the throat and even bad breath. In some cases, gingivas are affected, small wounds appear on them.

When these symptoms occur, it is very important not to self-medicate as it can make diagnosis difficult. Sexually transmitted diseases are no joke, they need urgent treatment.


Oral thrush or candidiasis is a fungal infection that usually manifests with reduced immunity. This disease can also be acquired during oral sex if the partner has candidiasis of the genitals.

Usually one can recognize the thrush by a characteristic white coating on the roof of the mouth, cheeks, tongue sometimes accompanied by inflammation and sore throat. In this case, you need to immediately consult a doctor: he will arrange the necessary examinations and prescribe antifungal drugs.

Serious consequences: throat cancer, syphilis, AIDS

One of the causes of larynx cancer is the human papillomavirus, which is also transmitted through orogenital contact.

The main symptoms - sweating, hoarseness, excessive salivation - are rarely disturbed, so the patient is not examined in a timely manner. In the late stages of pain, coughing, loss of voice, difficulty breathing. Sometimes a tumor can affect the tongue and tonsils.

If you have unprotected oral sex, you can become infected with syphilis or HIV. In this case, lesions of various types are observed on the oral mucosa. For example, when syphilis is often diagnosed with the appearance of a painless ulcer (most often on the lip), which after a while can go away on its own, mislead the patient and delay the diagnosis.

In the case of AIDS, due to the weakening of immunity, a person is more likely to be affected by infection, so inflammation, ulceration, suppuration, sudden bleeding of the gums, and other unpleasant symptoms may appear in the oral cavity.

How To Prevent Illness

  1. The most important piece of advice is to refuse unprotected oral sex with unconfirmed, random partners. A traditional female condom or latex napkin will negate the chances of catching it.
  2. It is necessary to observe oral hygiene, regularly brush your teeth and visit the dentist twice a year. Any inflammation, sores, bleeding gums increase the likelihood of infection in the blood.
  3. It is better to avoid oral sex if the partner has redness, rash, or plaque on the genitals. Also, do not practice cunnilingus during menstruation.
  4. Doctors recommend not having oral sex after the last dental and gum treatment and at least half an hour after brushing your teeth. After the end of sexual intercourse, it is necessary to rinse the mouth thoroughly with an antibacterial solution.
  5. Of course, it is necessary to undergo regular physical exams and seek medical help at the first suspicious symptoms. This is the case when vigilance is not superfluous.