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SD Worx takes over the German HR service provider fidelis HR

fidelis HR was taken over by the listed investment company Aurelius in 2013 and previously operated as TDS HR Services & Solutions. The company offers the full range of HR outsourcing services. Every month, fidelis HR provides payroll accounting for more than one million employees from around 6,000 companies in the private sector, the public sector, healthcare and the social economy. In addition, the company has specialized in personnel administration, application management (SAP, P&I LOGA, fidelis.Personal) and hosting and, in addition to self-services and workflow management, also offers internal control systems through to quality monitoring.


The experts from SD Worx and fidelis HR have many years of experience and extensive industry and specialist knowledge; they will bring these advantages to the new group of companies in the future. The existing services of both companies will also remain unchanged. A maximum of continuity is guaranteed for the customers and they can continue to rely on the usual high quality of service.

“This takeover is in line with our international expansion strategy and enables us to consolidate our market position. SD Worx Deutschland is adding a few large national and international companies to its customer base and is increasing its share in the public sector enormously: 45% of fidelis HR's turnover is achieved with institutions of the public service, the health sector and the social economy. The two companies therefore complement each other perfectly. They also have a similar corporate culture, a comparable range of services and a good geographical distribution in Germany, ”says Steven Van Hoorebeke, CEO of the SD Worx Group.

“The German market is one of the largest and most important markets for HR services in Europe, combined with very good growth prospects. The merger of the two companies creates an ideal basis for developing this potential together in the future, ”adds Jörg John, Managing Director of fidelis HR.

“Since the takeover by Aurelius, fidelis HR has developed excellently economically and is now becoming an important part of the SD Worx Group, which the company can develop better in the current situation. The merger enables both companies to sustainably consolidate and expand their joint market position, ”comments Nils Haase, managing director of fidelis HR, on the takeover.

About SD Worx

SD Worx offers comprehensive services in the areas of Payroll, HR, and Tax & Legal in Europe, America and Canada. Around 2,700 employees serve over 60,000 customers in the private and public sectors, from SMEs to very large organizations. The company offers wage calculation and administration, training, HR research, social law, tax and HR advice, specialized software for HR departments and on-site support.

SD Worx calculates more than 2.35 million wages every month and has its own branches in Belgium (HQ), Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, among others. SD Worx is a co-founder of the Payroll Services Alliance, which provides more than 31 million payroll calculations.
More information at www.sdworx.com

About fidelis HR

fidelis HR offers customers in the DA-CH region 360 ° HR outsourcing: from payroll accounting to personnel administration, digital personnel files, applicant management, benefit management, application management (SAP, P&I LOGA, fidelis.Personal), hosting, self service & Workflow management, internal control systems through to quality monitoring. More than 6,000 companies trust fidelis HR - whether corporate, medium-sized, small business or public service. fidelis HR uses the highly secure data centers of Fujitsu TDS GmbH in Neckarsulm and Neuenstadt (Baden-Württemberg) to operate the software solutions in Germany.

Further information at www.fidelis-hr.de

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