How much does MasterCard charge per transaction

Every shop, whether online or retail, wants to make the payment process as convenient and secure as possible for buyers, because that promotes sales. Card payment, whether by credit, debit or prepaid card, has long been the most favored means of payment (more than 48 percent, and the trend is rising) and has replaced cash in its popularity and has even overtaken it. Therefore, even small shops should seriously consider offering payment by card in order to remain attractive to customers. Whether weekly shopping, car rental, hotel booking or a chargeback due to cancellations - the card is used more and more in everyday life; some consumers carry and even apply for multiple cards (as well as partner cards), for example to benefit from the advantages of various co-branded credit cards. Payments by credit card also mean various cost factors and fees for the merchant, which everyone should be clear about before introducing card payment (credit card acceptance). In general, however, it can be said that the costs are not as high as some fear. If you choose the right service provider, you keep the resulting costs manageable and can offer your customers increased service through contactless payment. It should be borne in mind that the daily deposit of the income at the bank is also associated with fees and is certainly not at all convenient, but rather expensive. Incidentally, the introduction of the GeldKarten-System (Girogo) in the shop is not worthwhile, as these cards are hardly ever used.

These merchant credit card fees arise

There are one-time acquisition costs for setting up the card reader. This also includes the terminal configuration, the dispatch of the device and the connection with the respective bank accounts.

  • Fixed rental costs: Depending on the terminal, there is a monthly basic price of between € 5 and € 15. You should be particularly careful with a very low monthly price, as the offer often contains hidden fees that often outweigh the low-cost basic fee. Service: Other monthly cost factors (between 5 and 10 euros) apply to permanent operation, free hotline and regular updates.
  • Variable card costs / fees for transactions: For every use of the card payment device, other fees (between 7 and 12 cents for transactions) are due. It does not matter whether a Mastercard, Visa or other credit cards are used. EC fees: The EC card, Girocard, is very popular in Germany and is generally issued by the customer's respective house bank. This uses the secure PIN procedure, with which the retailer also receives one hundred percent of his money. In each case, between 0.23 and 0.30 percent of the respective payment amount is calculated.
  • Disagio of credit cards: For the many providers, such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express (business or private), there are slightly higher fees than for the EC cards. However, since the use of these credit cards is growing rapidly, these should also be offered to customers for payments. The credit card fees for merchants are between 1 and 3 percent of the invoice amount.
  • Individual additional costs: Various services are also offered for each contract, which anyone can add to their credit card contract if necessary and which cause extra costs.

Offer credit card payments. What does this cost?

Above all, the variable usage costs are of course very individual and can be more or less pronounced per month, as this is very much linked to the business activity of the individual shop or company.

Sample calculation for 60 EC card use per month

  • Assumed monthly sales of € 1,800
  • 60 transactions x 7 - 12 cents = € 4.20 to € 7.20 (transaction fees)
  • 60 x EC card fee = € 1,800 - 0.23 to 0.30% = € 4.14 to € 5.40 result in € 8.34 to € 12.60 variable costs per month. In addition, there are monthly fixed costs of 11 to 19 euros with a monthly turnover of 1,800 euros, for example.
  • Conclusion: The total cost calculation for the use of the credit card results in such an affordable amount that this service should also be offered to its buyers.

Card payment: the buyer has no right to it

However, since the merchant incurs an expense for each use of the card, the buyer should accept if he is not willing to consent to using the card for mini-purchases, such as a can of lemonade. Because then there is no longer any profit for the seller due to the cost of the card.

The use of the card is generally free of charge for customers at the checkout

Usually there are no extra costs and no minimum amount is prescribed. At least the provisions of Visa in Germany do not allow a surcharge by the shop. However, such surcharges have been allowed for Mastercards and Electronic Cash since 2013 if the buyer has been advised beforehand and these are only based on the real costs. However, one often experiences, for example, with low-cost airlines and even with well-known companies such as Lufthansa, there are often very high extra fees when booking online with a valid credit card (here the booking is not made by PIN or signature, but using the card number and check digit) which are by no means based solely on the resulting card costs. They simply use their market power and apparently get away with it.

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