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Number 008/2013 from January 16, 2013
The cultural filmmaker Alfred Ehrhardt often took photos parallel to his film work - as was the case in 1951 when he stayed in Portugal for five months to shoot the black and white film "Portugal - Unknown Land by the Sea". Further projects and trips followed, on which a total of almost 400 photographs were taken. A selection of them will now be made available to the public for the first time: A special exhibition by the University Museum with the Institute for Romance Studies at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) shows photographs from the holdings of the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation, Berlin.

The show will open on January 17th. It can be seen from January 18 to March 7, 2013. Masterful photography is shown, which also effectively highlights the geographical structure of Portugal in the 1950s. The appearance of the archaic production methods, which was already exotic for that time, appears to today's viewer as from another world. Already on Ehrhardt she exerted a great fascination.

The award-winning film "Portugal - Unknown Land by the Sea" can also be experienced. As with all of his films, Ehrhardt was responsible for the direction, camera, editing and production. But he also used soundscapes recorded on site and Portuguese music, such as the chorales of the faithful in the pilgrimage church of Fatima.

“Ehrhardt succeeds in captivatingly beautiful pictures; even when he describes objects as sober as a cork factory, he discovers charming and amazing perspectives. This makes this film an aesthetic delight; its dense atmospheric images open up the country of Portugal to our consciousness perhaps sooner than it would have been able to with strict objectivity. ”(Berliner Morgenpost, 1952)

A series of postcards with historical photographs by Alfred Ehrhardt will accompany this exhibition.

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Portugal in the 1950s
Photo: Alfred Ehrhardt
Portugal in the 50s
Photo: Alfred Ehrhardt

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