Why do people fish so passionately

Fishing: the passion without a hook

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Fishing is a beautiful passion, it's relaxing, you get into nature, learn how to survive without a supermarket, and have fun catching a fish. And one thing is a fact: fishing is trendy.

Often a certain stereotype of the angler has developed, which was about old men in beige waistcoats and beer cans in hand, but nowadays you can see many young anglers with their friends on rivers and lakes doing fly fishing, spin fishing and angling together.

Fishing also attracts many stressed city dwellers who see fishing as a nature-loving break from the city. Some also compare fishing to yoga, because it has increased in popularity in recent years and continues to grow. But why is that so? Here are a few reasons.

Instagram, YouTube and co.

Nowadays, social media is one of the most important means of communication. Many anglers have recognized this and are now using platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for their own purposes.

Some post photos of themselves with the caught fish, some videos with tutorials on the different fishing techniques and some blogs about their fishing experiences. This then gives them tons of clicks, likes and shares. Some can then partially live from advertising contracts and sponsorship and give up their actual jobs.

Even experienced anglers can learn something new on YouTube, as there are tutorials, how-tos and even small “fishing documentaries” posted by experts and professional anglers.

Love of nature & self-sufficiency

For many city dwellers, fishing is the lack of access to nature, which is also a lot of fun. You move around, have contact with the water, which is particularly pleasant in summer, relax and slow down - almost like a detox. Almost like a green smoothie made from cucumber, herbs, kiwi, spirulina and spinach, just not for the body, but for the soul and made from fish, water, trees, air and sun.

Many also feel more connected to nature and their ancestors through fishing. The art of fishing has been practiced by our ancestors for thousands of years and you feel very independent when it comes to finding food in the great outdoors.

Lighter is better

Something that of course also draws a huge crowd is that it's a lot easier to buy fishing permits these days. 20 years ago you had to go to the fishing club (during opening hours) and you might have fished in 5 different waters in your life. Quite simply because you didn't know any other fishing areas and you wouldn't have known where the associated fishing club would be.

Nowadays you can easily buy your fishing license on hejfish. With just a few clicks you get to the fishing license that people would have waited a few days for earlier. In addition, you will get to know new waters and the world of anglers better through hejfish and in the fisherman's hut.

Short way is halfway there

Of course, it is also convenient that nowadays cars are going faster and there are more buses and trains to the remote areas of the countries. A hundred years ago, the Alps were very difficult to reach. Today you can take the bus quickly up into the mountains to the most beautiful mountain lakes, unpack your fishing rod and go to the water. There are also more opportunities to go fishing near major cities. Big cities like Munich, Berlin & Co. know that fishing is a popular pastime and ensure that anglers have the opportunity to live out their passion.

Street fishing

In addition to fishing near cities, there is also fishing IN Cities - called street fishing. Similar to surfing on the Isar in Munich you can z. B. also go fishing in Berlin behind the Reichstag.

In fact, you can do this almost anywhere in any city, as long as you have the right permissions. People in Berlin prefer to go street fishing, and there are also several YouTube videos for that if you are interested in the topic.

Ultra light fishing

Another development that attracts newbies is ultra-light fishing. In the past, fishing was often a real material battle. Without a car with plenty of storage space, you could almost forget the trip. Every self-respecting angler had different leads, a potpourri of bait, floats and fishing hooks as well as plenty of fishing rods to be prepared for every situation on the water. The rule was - the more equipment, the bigger the fish.

More and more anglers are now deciding to travel with (ultra) light luggage. That means a spinning rod with light bait and the most necessary equipment to take care of the fish after the catch. This equipment can easily be stored in the car or in a large backpack, so that you can spontaneously go to the water.

It is particularly practical for Ultra Light Fishing if you are registered with hejfish and can buy your fishing license at any time.

Image change

In the past, most anglers were men between 50 and 70 who sat on the bank in beige vests and beer cans in hand and waited for their fish.

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Lots of reasons we can infer fishing is booming. We are definitely happy that you are interested, and hopefully it will stay that way for the next few years!

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