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Salary Check: How Much Should Developers Earn?

Money does not make you happy, but adequate remuneration for one's own work certainly contributes to employee satisfaction. But what is fair pay for IT professionals? The industry association Bitkom reported over 124,000 vacancies in the IT industry at the end of 2019. The companies surveyed by Bitkom named a discrepancy between the qualifications and the salary expectations of applicants as an obstacle to hiring new employees. Salary claims that are too high are regularly made, which in some cases do not correspond to the qualifications of the applicants.

Salary according to occupational group, degree and experience

But what salaries are common in the German IT industry? Answers to this question include the 2020 IT study by Compensation Partner, in which the average salaries of IT specialists and managers are broken down. The evaluation of more than 12,000 data from companies and employees from 2019 showed that IT consultants and analysts are in the lead for the first time when it comes to salaries. You achieve an average gross income of 78,710 euros per year. The first-level support is at the bottom of the salary table with 37,200 euros p. a .. Backend developers can be found in the upper third (€ 71,254), while web designers are in the middle (€ 53,469).

The level of qualification is also clearly reflected in income: According to Compensation Partner, those who have completed vocational training receive an average of 51,593 euros per year, while IT experts with a doctorate bring it to 82,346 euros. It looks similar with the years of experience. With 13 years of professional experience and more, the median income should be 72,572 euros p. a. lie.

More money for SAP?

However, these are only rough guidelines. If you are looking for a clue for your next salary negotiation, you should take a closer look. The 2020 salary overview by Robert Half shows a more differentiated picture, but this year only works with percentiles and no longer provides any information on the specific salary development in connection with the professional years.

However, the salary overview shows that there are large differences between the fields of activity in the area of ​​consulting, which Compensation Partner has highlighted as particularly lucrative. According to Robert Half, SAP consultants can already be in the 25th percentile with an average salary of EUR 75,000 gross p. a. calculate, but do not experience as much salary growth in higher percentiles as other consultants. SAP consultants reach 117.00 in the 95th percentile. On the other hand, there are IT consultants, whose salary range is much larger: € 54,500 p. a. in the 25th percentile to € 149,500 in the 95th percentile.

PHP loses, .NET wins in the salary ranking

Robert Half also gives developers an insight into the salary trends of the past year. PHP and mobile developers are at the lower end of the salary spectrum: Mobile app developers in the 25th percentile get € 42,000 per year and € 76,500 in the 95th percentile. PHP developers are in the lower group at € 50,000 and € 75,250 in the top percentile. The 25th percentile corresponds to the value given for Java developers. In the Java area, however, the scope is greater. Even in the 50th percentile, Java experts are € 10,000 more than PHP developers; In the 95th percentile, the difference between the programming languages ​​increases to more than € 20,000 (Java: € 96,750).

Web developers are € 56,000 in the 25th percentile and € 98,750 in the 95th; Software developers with knowledge of the C languages ​​or .NET range from € 58,000 to € 104,000. Software architects start higher (€ 65,750), but reach the same upper salary level of € 104,000 as the .NET specialists.

Good prospects for Go developers

Stack Overflow has visualized the influence of years of experience on the salary depending on the programming language used. The data from Stack Overflow confirm that PHP has comparatively little potential for salary growth. Go, Scala and Ruby, on the other hand, show particularly good tendencies for a plus on the account with increasing experience.

However, it is not just about salary when developers decide for or against a position. That could be good news for companies in the IT industry that are having a hard time recruiting new employees: You can obviously also score points with applicants with services other than salary. Stack Overflow reports that flexible working hours are a big plus for many IT specialists when choosing a job. The workplace environment, corporate culture, training options, and other soft factors also play a role alongside the hard numbers.

Calculate: What Should I Earn?

In the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator, developers can add their experience and location, and find out what salary they should get based on the comparative data collected by Stack Overflow. However, regional differences within Germany, which can also play a role in the earning potential, are largely ignored.

Compensation Partner's salary study can be found here. Robert Half's salary overview is available for download here.