How does Google Maps determine the names of districts

How will my company appear on Google Maps?

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Bad rating on google?

It can always happen that someone gives you a bad rating on your Google My Business profile.

If this is clearly unjustified, display all the reviews and then move the mouse over the star rating. A flag appears to the right of it. Click on it to report the review as inappropriate. Most of the time, however, this will be unsuccessful. In addition, you will often only find out the result after many days.

Therefore, respond immediately to a negative review. Emotions are not allowed ;-) Approach the problem addressed in a very factual and friendly manner. Write down what you did to solve the problem or offer a solution now.

You will most likely not get rid of the negative review. So take the opportunity to show other customers that you take criticism seriously, react appropriately and do everything possible to satisfy customers.