Can Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses On LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn company profile has become an essential tool for 94% of B2B marketers. The business network has long since ceased to serve just that Recruiting, but also to Sharing industry-specific articles, networking and acquiring cooperation partners. In addition to personal profiles, more and more companies are on LinkedIn.

In this post, you'll learn how to get a compelling job in no time at all LinkedIn company profile and which functions you can use to make your page a real lead magnet.

Why You Should Create a LinkedIn Company Profile

With over 610 million members, the LinkedIn business network is the largest professional network in the world. The portal is also becoming increasingly important in Germany: LinkedIn has around 13 million members here. Although XING is currently still ahead with 16 million members, LinkedIn is becoming more and more essential, especially for the younger generation and international companies.

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The platform purchased by Microsoft has emerged as one of the most important networks in the fields in recent years Recruiting, B2B marketing and social selling advance. While LinkedIn was initially used primarily as an HR tool to acquire potential talent, today it is considered an important social network when it comes to generating leads.

A compelling LinkedIn company profile helps potential customers to find out more about your company, brand, products or job offers. In addition, by sharing relevant and qualitative articles, you can increase your reach and your brand awareness.

As a business network, LinkedIn focuses on imparting expertise and specialist knowledge. your Company profile is therefore not only a candidate for new talent, but also for possible cooperation partners. The integration of LinkedIn into your social media marketing will increase your brand awareness, enrich your pool of applicants and create new business relationships.

Step-by-step instructions: How to create a LinkedIn company profile

The Creation of a LinkedIn company profile is the basis for integrating the platform into your marketing strategy. In the following we will go into the requirements for such a profile and show you how to create a convincing company page:

1. Requirements

For a LinkedIn company profile you must meet the following criteria:

  • You need one personal LinkedIn profile with first and last name to create the page.
  • The side of the Administrators must to at least 50% filled out be.
  • The profile of the Administrators must have been at least exist for seven days.
  • The E-mail address, which is stored in the company profile, must clearly be the Domain assigned to the company can and can be verified. (Example: [email protected])
  • The Administrator got to Company employees and have noted his position in the job details.

2. Create page

If you meet these requirements, you can create your company page. To do this, click on the tab for on the LinkedIn homepage Apps. You can find the option here "Create company page".

In the following you have the option for a Type of your company profile to decide:

  • Medium-sized enterprise
  • Medium and large companies
  • Focus page
  • Educational institution (schools and universities)

Now provide the following information about your company:

  • Surname
  • Public url
  • website
  • Branch
  • Company size
  • Company type (legal form)
  • Logo (300x300px)
  • Slogan (120 characters)

If you have entered all the necessary information and your company philosophy has been packaged in a meaningful slogan, click on "Create a page".

3. Edit the page

If you are now in the administrator view of your company profile, you will be prompted to enter your Edit page. To get the most out of your LinkedIn Page, it is important to keep the following elements in mind:

  • Cover picture (1,536 x 768 px): By inserting an appealing cover picture, you can score emotionally with the visitors to your site and create brand awareness. Make sure that the cover picture is also displayed correctly in mobile view.
  • Button: In addition to the already integrated follow button, you can use another button as a call-to-action. For example, you can redirect your visitors to your website or to register to download information material.
  • Description and phone number: In the description there are 2,000 characters available for the vita of your company. Also add a phone number, year of foundation and up to 20 specialties of your company.
  • Hashtags: You can use the hashtag function to identify relevant content in your industry. The hashtags are displayed on the right-hand side in the "Community" box.
  • Featured groups: Even if the administrator of your company profile is not a member of a LinkedIn group, you can place this group in the “Featured groups” box. You can add up to ten LinkedIn groups to your company profile.

Use your LinkedIn company profile in multiple languages

Once you have created your company profile and set it up accordingly, it is a matter of increasing the range of your network. The first step should be your Invite employees to network with the company website. You have already acquired the first brand ambassadors and supporters.

Also integrate the business network into your content marketing strategy and publish useful content regularly. In addition to exciting articles, you should also Rich media formats such as product videos and photo slides use. You can post on your own feed as well as in relevant groups. Participate in public discussionsto strengthen your position as an opinion leader in your industry.

Another function of your LinkedIn company profile is the so-called Focus Pages. These are ideal to present specific products or services of your brand in more detail. LinkedIn members have the opportunity to find out about specific offers from you.

Especially when you are in international markets, you should too Multilingualism in your LinkedIn company profile To fall back on. You can translate the slogan and description of your company page into several languages. LinkedIn uses the browser language of the users to recognize which version of your page needs to be displayed. The translations create closeness and trust with a global audience.

What costs you will incur with a LinkedIn company profile

Creating a LinkedIn company profile is free of charge for all users who meet the above requirements. You can also create showcase pages for certain products or sub-brands at no cost. If you would like to use your membership in the premium version with additional functions, you have to plan costs from € 20 per month. The creation of career pages and job advertisements is also subject to a fee.

Your LinkedIn company profile is the figurehead of your company culture and expertise on the emerging business network. By setting up a LinkedIn profile, you not only create trust with potential applicants, but also with cooperation partners and other opinion leaders in your industry. Maximizing the full capabilities of LinkedIn will help you expand your network and the Lead generation support.

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Originally published August 8, 2019, updated August 12, 2020

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