How can I make my lips thinner?

Cheat tips for thin lips

The "full lips are sexy" trend, of course, comes from Hollywood, how could it be otherwise. The rich and famous have had their lips sprayed on there for years. The "trend" is copied by stars with naturally full lips such as Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johannson and reworked by the dear cosmetic surgeons. Many women think full lips are definitely sexy! Basic rule number 1, however, is: Natural lips are sexy, whether thin or thick.

So if you have slightly narrower lips, you don't have to run to the surgeon right away, but can first try out our tricks for fuller lips!


Our lips need one thing above all: plenty of moisture! You should therefore regularly moisturize them and use pens that contain vitamin E and oils. This reduces peeling and the lips look fuller with the right care.


The best trick to make the lips look fuller: trace the outer edge of the lip with a pencil and use a subtle lip color, such as rose or beige, to fill in the lips. Then you can still apply lip gloss, which boosts very well!


Yes, you read that right, eye shadow on lips can work wonders too. Dab a little highlighter or pale eyeshadow on the small hollow above your upper lip. This accent brings out the lips better!