I'm meant to be alone forever

Am I meant to be alone

Hi all,

I want to ask a specific question today.

So often it is written here that people break up and so many people here have lovesickness and wonder if they can ever be happy again.

I (28 years old) belong to these people too.

In the 28 years of my life I only had a relationship with one man that lasted about 11 months. He didn't want to go on after that because he decided to go back to his ex, with whom he had been with for years before and after his breakup I was apparently good enough to take care of him.
Youthful loves or anything deeper were never there. I had only had heartache four times in my life. One of them was gone relatively quickly; 2 were moderate. All 3 because of men who didn't want me, and the 4th lovesickness was because of my ex, who dragged on for a long time (1.5 years).

The night before last, I had a â € ”let me say â €“ â € œrecognitionâ €.
I woke up and was frustrated again because I thought again that at the age of 28 I still hadn’t had a long relationship and that I’ve been single for two years now.

But instead of wallowing in it, I wondered if it could be that fate for some people predicts that their lives are not meant to be partnerships.

Can it be theoretical, right?

We all want to be happy, experience happiness and share it with a partner.
But what if there are people whose "destiny" is not at all?

How many people spend their whole life with e.g. a dog or a cat?

It may sound weirdly spiritual, but now I have no more explanation for why, at the age of 28, I have never had a serious long-term relationship. And I'm really not ugly, I get told every now and then that I look pretty, even if I'm not a model.

Whenever I find a man interesting, he's only interested in me. By the way, that's also a point that pulls me down, because for the last few months I've had the impression that for men I am someone they can talk to, even though I do in no way suggestive - on the contrary. But on the other hand, if a man does find me interesting, I can’t imagine anything at all.

What else is â € œnormalâ € about that?

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