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26.09.2007 – 14:00

Assure Consulting GmbH

Wehrheim (ots)

German Society for Project Management e.V. (GPM) certifies consulting teams from PMO specialist Assure Consulting according to internationally recognized standards

ยท Practice-oriented further training secures project management knowledge and evaluates application experience in projects as well as social skills in personal behavior

Frankfurt, September 26, 2007 - The German Society for Project Management e.V. (GPM) has awarded the advisory teams of Assure Consulting GmbH with the renowned competence certificates from PM-ZERT. The well-known consulting company is thus assuming a pioneering role in the field of Project Management Office (PMO) in Germany and underlines its high quality standards for the training and further education of its employees. As part of the certification process, GPM checks and evaluates the project management knowledge of each individual test item. Additional criteria are PM application experience in projects, social skills in personal behavior and the self-assessment of the project manager. The proven projects can be "simple" or complex, internal or external, projects of a local character or national or international projects.

How can a project be implemented efficiently? What if unpredictable hurdles jeopardize the success of the project? For Assure Consulting managing director Tim Schmidt, experts are in demand here who have in-depth knowledge and many years of practical experience, have successfully implemented demanding projects and are continuously receiving further training. "High, internationally recognized quality standards are therefore an indispensable prerequisite for Assure Consulting in order to be able to plan, monitor and control projects successfully. It is ideal if our experts can also prove their skills and experience with a recognized certificate such as that of the GPM", emphasizes Schmidt. According to Assure Consulting, a practice-oriented methodology is always in the foreground of project work, which is also one of the decisive criteria for awarding the GPM certificates. The qualifications and competencies attested by the GPM certification are suitable for ensuring quality as well as for personnel development programs of companies and other organizations. The basis for the examinations carried out by the personal certification body of GPM (PM-ZERT) is the internationally coordinated and recognized system of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) for the qualification and certification of project management personnel. The IPMA is the global umbrella organization that unites around 40 national project management associations with more than 40,000 members worldwide. In Germany, the IPMA is represented by the GPM. As the largest association of project managers in Germany, more than 3,600 members from all areas of the economy, universities and the public sector are united here nationwide. So far, PM-Zert has issued more than 11,000 certificates in Germany (as of July 2007).

Assure Consulting GmbH is a well-known consulting company for professional PMO services. The core business is operational project management, in particular the conception and initial establishment of project management offices (PMO) as well as their ongoing operation. This includes all activities that arise in this context, such as planning, monitoring and controlling projects. Assure Consulting is characterized by an extremely pragmatic, tool and industry-independent approach. The Assure team of consultants has many years of experience in organizational, development, rollout and migration projects. References include well-known companies from the fields of telecommunications, IT, financial services, automotive, transport and logistics, as well as pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Assure Consulting is currently growing by around 50 percent per year with successful projects. Further information at www.assure.de.

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