Why do I hate school life

"I hate school" - this is how you motivate yourself

Are you annoyed by school every day and don't feel like it at all? If you keep thinking to yourself, "I hate school", you should try to analyze why.

Find out why you hate school life

  • Thoughts like "I hate school" are common among students. If such thoughts only come up from time to time and in annoying situations, this is relatively normal and understandable, after all, not everything at school is just great and fun. However, if you persistently feel that you hate school and have absolutely no drive to attend class, this is the problem you should deal with.
  • Think carefully about why and what you hate about school. Is it the fact that you are forced to go to school, are your teachers making your life hell, are you not getting along in class, or are you having a bad relationship with your classmates? Think specifically about what bothers you in everyday school life.

This is how you come to terms with the school

Once you've figured out what exactly you hate about school, you can change things.

  • For example, if you feel uncomfortable in your class or at school because of the teachers and classmates and you may be bullied, you have the opportunity to change classes and schools. Discuss this possibility with your parents and a teacher. After a restart at a new school, many things can get better and you may get completely new motivation to go to school through a different environment.
  • If you can't keep up in some subjects, take private lessons or consider repeating a class voluntarily. School is often not fun because you've lost touch and can't keep up with class.
  • If you do have friends at school and are halfway along in class, but still hate school, try rethinking and imagining what life without school would be like. Try to see the positive things about your school days. A life outside of school, in which you work from morning to evening and not among your peers at work, is often no nicer than school, even if you imagine it that way in the current situation. So try to understand the good things about school, such as seeing your friends every day and having fun at least during breaks.
  • Try to be pragmatic about your school days. If you want a good job, you are forced to get a high school diploma and make the most of your time in school. So if you have to be there anyway, don't just try to kill your time, but every now and then try to be interested in what is being discussed in class. Perhaps the subject matter contains surprisingly many interesting aspects that you normally overlook because you only perceive it as a chore.
  • Just try to consciously get involved in school with a different attitude for a while, even if it is difficult. Develop a positive point of view. Look forward to meeting friends and schoolmates every day, experiencing something and learning interesting things. Even in the boring everyday school life there are sure to be some positive things for you to discover. You just have to be ready to perceive it.

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