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Zbigniew Krycsiwiki
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Biters (in the English original Jaws, bourgeois Zbigniew Krycsiwiki) is a recurring antagonist of the classic James Bond film franchise and occurs in the film adaptations of James Bond 007 - The Spy Who Loved Me (The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977) and James Bond 007 - Moonraker - Top Secret (Moonraker, 1979) as the sidekick of the misanthropic shipowner Karl Stromberg and the megalomaniac industrialist Hugo Drax.
So Beißer is one of the only three adversaries to date who appear in more than one film, alongside Bond nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld and the “Pale King” Mr. White.

The gigantic, almost superhumanly strong contract killer with the razor-sharp steel bit was created especially for the 007 film cosmos and is still one of the most popular cult figures in the entire James Bond franchise, which is known far beyond the boundaries of the genre and is still a source of inspiration for similar unstoppable villains, such as Blofeld's assassin Mr. Hinx, in Specter from 2015.

The gigantic contract killer with the steel teeth was portrayed by the incredible 2.18 m tall American actor Richard Kiel (* 1939, † 2014), who had achieved international fame with this role.

In the German dubbed version he was spoken by Hartmut Neugebauer (* 1942, † 2017).

Character biography Edit source]

Prehistory Edit source]

Beißer was born as Zbigniew Krycsiwiki in Poland as the son of an artist and the superintendent of the Krakow women's prison who performed as a “strong man” in a traveling circus. After graduating from high school, Krycsiwiki attended the University of Krakow. He grew up because of his innate Acromegaly[Giant growth Note] to an above-average height of well over two meters and also inherited the quick-tempered temperament of his father, showed himself to be rebellious and was sometimes prone to violent outbursts of anger.

Because of his impressive stature, he joined the university's basketball team, but despite his above-average muscle strength, he was unable to assert himself against relatively weaker opponents due to his lack of maneuverability. After the miserable failure of his career dreams as a professional athlete, he came increasingly into conflict with the law and was eventually formidable during the [fictional Note] "Bread riots" against the socialist government in 1972 arrested by the secret police. Krycsiwiki was badly mistreated by the officers in prison. They beat him almost to death with iron pipes wrapped in leather and smashed his jaw beyond repair.

Shortly afterwards he managed to escape. He made his way to the harbor and hid as a stowaway on a ship of the Stromberg line. After it was discovered, the very rich shipowner Karl Stromberg, who recognized the potential in the gigantic, powerful Krycsiwiki, did not hand it over to the authorities, but kept it hidden. To restore it, Stromberg hired a brilliant surgeon who, in fourteen excruciating operations, inserted an artificial jaw with steel components and razor-sharp teeth into Krycsiwiki.

After the successful operation, all documents about Zbigniew Krycsiwiki's existence were destroyed and Biters entered Stromberg's service as a personal assassin.

Stromberg's microfilm Edit source]

After Stromberg found out that his assistant had sold the plans for his top-secret submarine tracking system, he asked Beißer to retrieve the microfilm and eliminate anyone who had contact with it. The trail leads him first to Egypt, where he cornered the middleman Aziz Fekkesh in an ancient tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Beißer smashes him against the wall of the tomb with brute force and then bites his carotid artery through. Leaving the scene of the crime, he meets the British secret agent James Bond for the first time, who was also looking for Fekkesh, but he is able to escape a show for the tourists in a play of light and shadow.

The next target on Beisser's list is the oily nightclub owner Max Kalba, who bought the microfilm on the black market in order to sell it for a profit. While Bond and his Soviet colleague Major Anya Amasova want to persuade Kalba to publish the microfilm with their various offers, Beißer lures him to the telephone booths with a bogus call. There he forces Kalba to hand him the film and then kills him with a bite in the throat.

He makes off with a delivery truck, knowing full well that Bond and Amasova are hiding in the back of the vehicle. He drives them far out into the desert to an ancient Egyptian excavation site, where he sets them up and engages them in a fight.
The two agents manage to take the microfilm from him and, although he has dismantled half the truck with his bare hands, escape with barely any effort. An attempt to throw a boulder after them ends up falling on his own foot.

Trains and cars Edit source]

On their train journey to Sardinia, Beißer tries again to eliminate Bond and Amasova, who are now working together to find their missing British and Soviet submarines. He easily overpowers Anya Amasova, but is prevented by Bond from ripping open her throat with his steely teeth. In the cramped train compartment, Beißer whirls the MI6 agent around like a damp rag and is only prevented from taking a fatal bite by holding the bare wires of a broken lamp to his steel jaw.
While Beißer staggers back and tries to shake off the electric shock, Bond seizes the moment and pushes him out of the compartment window of the moving train. Beißer survived, however, and dusted his suit with a sour expression.

After his personal encounter with Bond, Stromberg calls Beißer over and again explicitly orders his and Major Amasova's deaths. As soon as the two agents have reached the mainland, Beißer attaches himself to their heels with a car and a full, fire-fighting killer squad. After a rapid chase on the Italian country roads, he again loses out against the defense mechanisms in Bond's car.
Finally, Beisser's car comes off the road and crashes with all its occupants down a cliff in the middle of the hut of an uninvolved old man. While he is still trying to understand what happened to his dwelling, Beißer trudges away as the only surviving occupant of the car, again unharmed, but increasingly angry about the persistence of the British agent.

Clash in Atlantis Edit source]

On board Stromberg's extravagant domicile Atlantis There is a big showdown between Beißer and Bond after he has succeeded in thwarting the plan to commit worldwide nuclear genocide and shoot Stromberg. Beißer inexorably pushes the physically inferior MI6 agent into the hall with the huge shark tank. There, however, Bond can turn the tide in his favor when he picks up walkers using a freely movable electromagnet and drops them into the tank with the hungry predatory fish.

While the Atlantis is destroyed, Beißer manages to kill Stromberg's shark in an underwater battle and to escape into the open sea before the system completely explodes.

Freelance killer & a new client Edit source]

In the next few years, Beißer gained a first-class reputation as a freelance contract killer worldwide, making him one of the most sought-after assassins in the entire industry. So it turns out that he meets James Bond again above the clouds, who is currently in a Apollo-Private aviator traveling home from a mission.
From behind, Beißer pushes the agent out of the plane after he has engaged in a scuffle with the pilot and in turn has carried him out. Beißer pursues him with a parachute and tries to bite the main artery on his leg in free fall. Bond, who took the parachute from the pilot in flight, can save himself at the last moment by pulling the rip cord.

Beißer himself is less fortunate. He pulls too hard, so that the complete line rips out of the anchorage and he races unstoppably towards the earth with the now useless umbrella. Ironically, his fall is caught by a circus tent, which collapses completely on impact and miraculously survives unscathed.
Soon afterwards, through middlemen, he was hired as a bodyguard by the incredibly wealthy entrepreneur and space pioneer Hugo Drax, after his former husband Changdied trying to get rid of Bond.

See you in Rio de Janeiro [edit | Edit source]

He's on the heels of the British MI6 agent again and catches him spying on one of Drax's warehouses in Rio de Janeiro. First he tries to overpower Manuela, Bond's local contact agent, but Bond prevents her from ripping open her throat with his steel teeth.
Before there can be a confrontation on the street, a crowd of exuberantly celebrating carnival visitors dances past them and simply pulls walkers with them. After initial attempts to push back through the group, he lets it be good for this evening and goes away with them celebrating.

The next day, Beißer follows the secret agent and the NASA scientist Dr. Holly Goodhead to the observation deck of the Pão de Açúcar[in German Sugar Loaf Note]. As soon as they have climbed into the gondola of the cable car, he bites through the cable car rope with his steel bit and sets them at a dizzying height. He drives towards them with the second gondola in order to plunge them into the depths. However, he is taken by surprise by the two and has to watch from the gondola as they escape again. Gesticulating wildly, he signals to his accomplice downstairs in the control room to bring him back. However, this loses control of the controls and while Bond and Dr. Goodhead manages to escape, Beißer races unchecked with his cable car into the valley station.

While he is digging his way out of the ruins of the completely destroyed station, a small, blonde woman, Dolly, appears and helps him to free himself. For both of them it is love at first sight and hand in hand they leave the scene.

A wild jungle river trip Edit source]

However, his newly discovered romantic streak does not prevent Beißer from pursuing Bond further. When his research into the origin of the deadly poison gas, which Drax apparently had developed, leads him into the jungle of the Amazon, Beißer chases after him in several open speed boats, once again with a full killer squad at his side.

He tries to cut off Bond's path and mercilessly takes him under fire with his MAC-10 submachine gun, while the latter gradually eliminates Beißer's mission teams with the defensive weapons integrated in his own boat. When Bond is racing towards a waterfall and escapes in a fold-out hang glider, Beißer tries to turn the wheel around at the last second.
Because of his excessive physical strength, however, he tears the steering wheel out of its anchorage and in turn takes an involuntary bath in the floods of the Amazon.

The space station in space Edit source]

Beißer, who has once again survived the fall down the waterfall unscathed, is already waiting for Bond when he penetrates Drax ’jungle base. He keeps the agent in check while his client reveals the plan to use his poison gas to exterminate all of humanity, except for a select few, without endangering the global flora and fauna.
While Bond and Dr. Goodhead are to be cremated in the ignition fire of one of the Moonraker space shuttles, Beißer and his dolly are already on board another Moonraker on a direct course to the huge space station that Drax had constructed.

On the huge station floating in space, he arrests the agent and the scientist who have mingled with the staff of the station again and takes them to the bridge to Drax, who announces in a speech that he remembers everyone without exception To destroy people who do not correspond to his image of perfection. At that moment, Beißer dawns that he is not welcome in this new world order and that the same goes for his glasses-wearing Dolly.
Following his heart, he switches sides and supports Bond in foiling Drax’s global genocide. In a huge space battle, Drax ’people are wiped out by, in their own spaceship to help hurried US marines in space suits and with laser weapons, while Beißer searches for Dolly among the rubble of the space station.

After he has found her and they have hugged each other, Beißer once again assists Bond, who is still destroying the poison containers, to get away from the station by manually loosening the damaged docking clamps on an intact Moonraker.
Then Beißer sets off, together with Dolly, in Drax's private escape pod towards earth.

Appearance & Personality Edit source]

Biter is one, due to the hormonal imbalance Acromegaly, taller than average man in his late thirties with brown hair, mostly combed back into a center parting, and brown eyes. He has pronounced features with a broad, massive forehead, brown eyes and an oversized, angular chin. In his mouth he has a dental implant with razor-sharp teeth, with the help of which he is able to bite through solid wood, iron chains and even steel cables.
He is usually dressed in brown or blue suits with double-breasted jackets and matching ties. His most famous look, however, is his shirt-sleeved appearance with brown trousers and red suspenders.

He is always extremely conscientious and carries out his orders with merciless efficiency, whereby in addition to his teeth, his sheer size, his almost superhuman physical strength and, last but not least, his unusual toughness, thanks to which he already jumps from planes and moving trains, the falling of one Survived waterfalls, various car accidents and similar extreme situations practically unharmed.

Literary origin Edit source]

The gigantic, almost superhumanly strong contract killer with the razor-sharp steel bit was created by Christopher Wood and Richard Maibaum especially for the 007 film cosmos and, as is often assumed, does not come from the pen of James Bond creator Ian Fleming. A rudimentary template for the iconic "man for the rough" can still be found in Fleming's work.
The killer Sol "Horror" Horowitz from Fleming's unloved tale The spy who loved me from 1962 wears stainless steel crowns on the incisors and is in this sense a source of inspiration, but otherwise it has no other extraordinary characteristics.

Beißer's cult bit [edit | Edit source]

The idea to equip the character of the unstoppable, superhumanly strong henchman with a steel bit officially came from producer Albert R. Broccoli. Probably the most famous film denture was recreated Draculas The fangs of Katharina Kubrick-Hobbs, the daughter of the legendary director Stanley Kubrick. For her design, she was inspired by the principle of interlocking gears after she found that sharp teeth meant too great a risk of injury to the actor.

Broccoli hired the makeup artist John Chambers (