Why is flamboyance often associated with homosexuality?

The pleasure of brutalization ✠ Homonationalists - their goals and drives

The muscle barbar

That especially sexual desires and dreams stir up the right phantasms not only of the homonationalists becomes abundantly clear in the last example.

While Berger still pays homage to the image of the stiff working man with a shaved neck in an uptight manner - there is nothing wrong with erotic private taste, but declaring it the only acceptable image of gay men and political ideal and insulting and breaking down everything else is questionable - Jack Donovan is probably the ultimate type of homonationalist. Although this designation seems weak, given the total destructivenessthat he not only displays in writing and speaking, but even realizes physically in his own life. With him there is no bigotry, no cynicism and no opportunism as with the others, but only the grim seriousness of the butcher; also without self-irony like Berger, but with granite hardness and a roid-bred physique. Jack Donovan's muscle shell is only a surface - there is no inner life, no more thoughts, no more thinking, just the testosterone rawness of his body.

The American Masculist, misogynist and White supremacist Jack Donovan dreams a gay dream: all men have to become like him, pre-civilized muscle barbarians who live in hordes, hunt, beat each other like in "Fight Club", around each other - women are excluded and only there to have children to be confirmed as white men who celebrate their thoroughly phallic togetherness with blood and hunting rituals in order to rule over women, children, blacks, the weaker ones.

Donovan sees male violence and murderous lust as the deepest human drive for life, which one should enjoy in order to destroy female-feminine civilization. He considers the gay movement to be an offshoot of feminism. His fear of “feminization” and the loss of masculinity is just as universal as Berger's fear of Islamization. But actually equals the Hypermacho Donovan in his radical hatred of IS fighters, which he sees less as a threat to the female western world, than simply as a hostile gang that needs to be fought. Exclusively the right of stronger biceps, ejaculation, the mercilessness of muscular stupidity and bloodthirsty hunting, the instinct for conquest and the male obsession should rule.

This is natural the most secret mainspring of all fascism, of nationalism, patriotism, absolutist religion and existential hatred of people. No wonder American Nazis, racists, and masculists cheer Donovan; European as well. Tried meanwhile Götz Kubitschek, the mastermind of the German neo-right, to import Donovan. He recently published in his Antaios-Verlag, the collecting tank of right-wing screamers and pseudophilosophiles from Akif Pirincci to Marc Jongen (Björn Höcke always hovers over the water there and dreams of regaining lost masculinity; a stupid-boy fantasy with erotic undertones) Donovan's work “The Path of Men” - a single defense of brutality and unscrupulousness. In a lecture also available on youtube - "Violence is Golden", which Donovan gave in February at Kubitschek's manor Schnellroda, that holy grail of the right in front of corps students - he spreads his own fascist body ideology out.

It is difficult to listen to Donovan's atrocities - but you have to to see through guys like Berger, Yiannopoulos or Welsch. Donovan explains that in the whole of world history and in all societies it was only about a male "us against them", about opposition - and the destruction, elimination, consistently thought, the killing and eating up of the opponent.

His merciless determination looks grotesque - even his voice trained to a male grunt in the lecture mentioned seems erect. There is no doubt that he would like to realize his intentions whenever possible. Only this certainty brings a victory smile to his face. This smile resembles the smile of all other homonationalists and anyway the grin, grin, smirk and laugh of all right-wing radicals and neo-fascists who are sure of victory. They ruthlessly dream of the brutalized Smashing, destroying, wiping out civilization.

For himself, by the way, Donovan realized his world in rudimentary form: he lives in a neo-pagan Viking commune, in which animals are slaughtered by torchlight and fist fights are carried out to the blood. He did not “marry” his partner, but joined him in a grotesque blood ritual - He even wrote another book about it. Blood, tattoos, fist fights - this is how he gets his feminine sexuality regulated ... It is as if one of his pubertal masturbation fantasies that overwhelmed him while reading William Burroughs “Wild Boys” had been turned into reality. The cult novel describes the gay nomadic life of half-naked, muscled youths who attack and slaughter other tribes and who, above all, derive sexual pleasure from it.

Manifestos of Cruelty

This combination of sadistic cruelty, lust to death and sexual pleasure is probably the core of fascism (but also of right-wing Catholicism) - it is about a pleasure that is probably not accidentally echoed in the French term “Le petit mort”. The ultimate orgiastic, deadly pleasure that brings violence and destruction surpasses any purely sexual-physical orgasm of togetherness.

Ultimately, it is not about political goals in fascism - it is about the satisfaction of totalitarian rule; and ruling means: ultimate consumption of others, their thoughts, feelings and their bodies. (Not to forget: the ultimate fantasy, the all-dominating symbolic image of fundamental Catholicism, which Berger also indulges in, is the extreme homosexual Sado-Maso fantasy of the naked crucified - a picture that could also have been taken from the "Wild Boys".)

Klaus Theweleit has the primitive orgiastic root cause of this will to power - whether fascist or religiously fanatic, Islamic or Christian - in his most recent book "The smile of the perpetrator" using the example of the mass murderer Not so Breivik made clear. Breivik's monstrous compilation of texts intended to justify him, his manifesto, is just a cover-up. He rattles about the threatened West, about Muslims and blacks who want to take women away from Europeans and above all from his compatriots, he argues about the loss of masculinity. A topos of the right, which is nothing more than male penis envy and a longing for a male body and self-affirmation in homosexual sex, which one cannot bring oneself to because one disregards him as feminine ... just as one regards women as inferior beings in general.

The other figures of homonationalism from Welsch to Berger already mentioned are also occupied with writings of justification: Welsch in a pathetic way with ranting tirades in numerous Facebook groups, Milo Yiannopoulos as a babbling talk show host in his radio and television programs, Berger in his compilation blog “Philosophia Perennis”, on which even the most drifting conspiracy theories (The Jewish banker Soros want to destroy Europe - reminds of unfortunate times; or Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama would have to resign Pope Ratzinger taken care of) as evidence of his madness about the end of the West.

After all, Jack Donovan describes with his tattooed political violence and bodybuilding pornography how he dreams of the world after this downfall. Berger and Co. don't even have such gruesome utopias to offer, just fear, agitation, threats and horrors of doom.

All justifications - which in Breivik's case are intended to provide the justification and excuse for his mass murder: the salvation of the West, in which he sacrifices himself and becomes a martyr-like murderer. - Indeed, the supposedly heroic mass murder gives him the same satisfaction that any sex murderer hopes to find in his deeds.

We got to read monstrous models for such writings of justification in the 20th century: key works of criminal inhumanity like that "Fall of the West" of Oswald Spengler, the worst anti-Semitic work "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and of course Hitler's unbearable ones "My fight". - Everything Preparatory and Defense Pamphlets for lustful brutalization, robbery, war and mass murder.

It gave the Nazis the most absurd satisfaction to see themselves as martyrs who ostensibly dared to do outrageous things for the people and the fatherland. During the Wannsee Conference, Himmler called the millionfold murder by the SS in the concentration camps a “glory sheet!” Precisely because this murder allegedly cost the utmost in self-conquest.

But murder is fun and when the murderer sees himself as a victim and martyr of a higher task, this fun becomes one sadomasochistic volte increased again.

That is the ultimate goal of all patriotism, nationalism, populism, fascism and whatever other extremes there are, but all of which only come down to this one goal: I do it with the ruthlessness of "Because I can" - because I am able, able and willing.

It is not by chance that Klaus Theweleit reminds Breivik's manifesto and his defense speeches of the brutal philosophy of the fascist protagonists in Pasolini's de Sade film adaptation of the "120 days of Sodom". These "master men" have long since reached the stage of defending their power and cruelty. Pasolini had moved the work, which de Sade had only sketched and not executed, from pre-revolutionary France to the last months of fascist Italy. “We fascists are the real anarchists,” the director lets these protagonists say. "We are allowed to do everything ... and we do it."

This attitude stinks from the internet blogs, the books, the lectures of all those right-wing radicals, neo and old fascists and homo nationalists: THEY are deadly serious and deadly serious for the masters of the world.

Theweleit would have had to go one step further and expose himself to the "120 days" in the original. Four extremely rich and influential nobles kidnap children and young people who are to serve them as “people”, who are to worship and venerate them and who must be of their will. So they gather around them adepts who do not spare them and on whom they still their destructiveness. Of course, the satisfaction only lasts a short time, more and more cruel stagings are needed - as fascism consists of permanent stagings that briefly satisfy the rulers. That is why the homonationalists are constantly looking for the light of the headlights to spread.

Cooped up behind a high wall in a way that Trump could well satisfy, the four gentlemen at de Sade have access to the body and mind of their lust objects. These objects, which are denied subjectivity and individuality, even pain, have to eat the excretions of the gentlemen without contradiction at the beginning - just as the neo-rights have been feeding us with their garbage for some years - which we can still spit out in disgust - but then they are offended and feel restricted in their right to produce excrement. At de Sade it works like this: If an object vomits the shit again, the gentlemen are angry to the point of frenzy and torment and humiliate their victims. The next step: they torture the abductees and, in the last chapter, kill them with ingenious cruelty - tear off their arms and legs, their eyes out, and their bodies cut open. Only death, killing, even the destruction of the organs of the dead can still be detected ...

At the end, de Sade only mentions in a subordinate clause that these sacrifices and what was left of them were eaten by the rulers. The cannibal food I already mentioned at the beginning. - It must have been this idea that inspired Pasolini to make a film: the peak of capitalism, the ultimate realization of which is fascism, is consumerism, the unscrupulous consumption of everything. Of culture and nature, of human life and limb. A consumption that for a short time forces a smile on the face after the orgasm ...a rare and never long-lasting pleasure.

Incidentally, terms such as “human material, state people, Christian people, Catholicism (that is to say, all-encompassing) or dominant culture” are hardly disguised words for this destruction of all diversity and individuality and the incorporation of the individual.

So that's why Breivik smiles, that's why the fascists of that time smiled, that's why they smile crookedly and crookedly at the belittling "right-wing extremist" figures who have wanted to power in Europe for several years - it is the quick, flickering smile of an agonizingly conjured violent and violent orgasm. There is no serenity with them, it is not a happy smile, but a grim and malicious one.

The homonationalists smile in the same way - it's about eating, enjoying the destruction of civilization, the brutalization - there is no different between the homosexual exponents and the heterosexual ones.

The term homonationalism is far too intellectual, as if it were still about political, albeit marginal, ideas - but these are only a pretext for selfish cruelty, coupled with unscrupulous stupidity. The homosexuals who indulge in homonationalism have actually achieved the secret goal, the innermost desires for equality - only it is the ultimately self-destructive equality of brutality, cruelty, sadism, barbarism.

Wolfgang Brosche is a writer and freelance radio and television journalist for WDR and DeutschlandfunkKultur, among others. In 2016 his novel “Tödlicher Rosenkranz” was published, which deals with the hustle and bustle of right-wing Catholics and the “Demo for All”. On his blog “Conversations about Plum Trees” and in his column at “Die Kolumnisten” he writes about socio-political, gay and cultural topics.