How do you feel in your home

So you finally feel comfortable in your own home

Who does not know it: the feeling of simply not having arrived properly after moving or after a change. Your own apartment doesn't seem like a home and you prefer to be out and about. “A house is not just a home” - some may find themselves in this quote, but it is so important to have a place that gives us security, security and tranquility. If you are still missing something to make the apartment or house the right place to feel good, then here are my tips for you:

1. Odors

We associate a lot with smells and our mood can be influenced a lot by them. Fresh flowers and plants not only smell good, they also give a positive room climate and bring liveliness to your four walls. Make sure that you regularly bring fresh flowers home with you and distribute them in beautiful vases or glasses in every room. A pleasant detergent or a room fragrance will also help you to feel even more comfortable.

2. Favorite things

It can be a picture or a special pillow - everyone has their very own favorite things that should be given a prominent place in the apartment. If these things keep catching your eye, it automatically makes you happy and you feel good. Find your favorite place at home and design it consciously with the most beautiful blankets, pillows or vases. Pay attention to the color choice and surround yourself with your favorite shades. You can create your very own place to relax and switch off, where you can enjoy wonderful hours with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Pay attention to the color choice and surround yourself with your favorite shades.

3. Society

Socializing makes you happy and visiting friends and family usually makes you happy anyway. Create space for nice hours with your loved one and design a spacious dining area or a cozy sofa corner where you can spend time with loved ones. As soon as your apartment or house is a meeting place with friends, it becomes more and more a real home.

4. Light

I have often mentioned how important light is in rooms. Light is also a very important factor for well-being. Let as much daylight into your apartment as possible and develop a pleasant lighting atmosphere with the help of floor lamps, wall lights or spots. Do not use cold, unpleasant light sources in your living spaces. You can find out how to create an optimal lighting concept in this blog post.

5. Materials

Here we come to one of my favorite topics, because high-quality and, above all, natural materials have a positive effect on the indoor climate and the quality of living. Wood and beautiful textiles made of linen, wool, cashmere or cotton give your home a lot of warmth and comfort. You will definitely feel this positive influence on the room atmosphere and thus feel better in your home.

6th order

Many do not want to believe it, but order is important for everyone, because a tidy room has a calming effect and takes away some stress. For some this may only happen subconsciously, but feeling good usually has a lot to do with "coming down" and that can usually only occur when we are not surrounded by chaos. Try to create order and, best of all, keep it.