How warm it is in Brazil

Climate & weather in Brazil

"Head over" in Brazil

If you travel through Brazil, you will make an interesting discovery. In contrast to the European climate, the climate and weather in Brazil are turned upside down. The reason for this is that Brazil is located in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, the four seasons are as follows.

  • Spring: September 23rd - December 21st
  • Summer: December 21st - March 21st
  • Autumn: March 21st - June 21st
  • Winter: June 21st - September 23rd

These four seasons occur in the southern region and in the states: São Paulo, Mato Grosso du Sue, the "Serrana" regions, in Minas Gerais and in Rio de Janeiro. In the Pantanal wetland and the Amazon basin, a distinction is only made between rainy and dry seasons.

Attention winter grouch!

In Brazil, it is warm all year round. Temperatures of 23 ° -30 ° degrees, humidity of 70-80% and precipitation of 1000mm-3000mm / h, divide the country into two important climatic zones.

In the north and on the coast in the northeast, the climate is tropical. You will hardly notice temperature differences that are below 30 ° degrees. The Amazon basin is the rainiest region. With up to 28 rainy days a month, the highest air humidity and rainfall can be expected in summer. In the dry season between autumn and winter, the rains last between one and two hours a day. The humidity is lowest on the coast and, due to the wind, the hot temperatures are very pleasant there. Winter is particularly suitable for a beach holiday. The water temperature is an average of 25 degrees.

The southern region is that subtropical Climate zone. Unlike the tropical, the temperatures vary greatly. In autumn and winter, temperatures of up to 20 ° degrees are reached. In winter the temperatures drop to 10 degrees. In the summer, temperatures of up to 30 ° degrees are reached and cool down to 20 ° degrees at night. The further south you go, the temperatures decrease and at the higher altitudes, the first snow can be seen. The summer is warm along the coast, with temperatures of up to 28 degrees and a humidity of 70%. The water temperature is an average of 23 degrees. The Pantanal wetlands experience the highest rainfall during spring and summer. The dry season, between autumn and winter, is recommended.

Warm, warmer, warmest

In Rio de Janeiro, it is mild in winter with 23 ° and in summer warm with 28 °, with a very high humidity. The wettest season is spring.

Along the northeast coast, near Salvador and Recife, the winters are mild to warm and the summer is very hot. It stays dry all year round. And in Belém and Manaus, it is hot all year round, with high rainfall.

Brasília, the capital of Brazil, is an exception. It lies between the tropical and subtropical climatic zone. The whole year round the temperatures are between 28 ° and 30 ° degrees, at night around 18 ° degrees. In winter the night temperatures are 13 ° degrees. Spring and summer is the rainiest time, autumn and winter the driest. In this part of the region, one speaks of the tropical savanna climate.