What makes a good marriage

Study shows: This is what really makes a happy marriage

When you enter into a marriage bond, you promise yourself infinite love and understanding in every situation and just want to make the other person happy until the end of your days. But how do you manage that the other is always filled with happiness and is still sure of his love even after years? American researchers have now found out exactly that and proved in their study that women in particular make their contribution and are responsible for ensuring that both partners are really happy. How exactly this is meant and what the scientists base their thesis on, we will tell you now.

A happy marriage needs a happy woman

For the study of happy marriages, researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey surveyed around 394 couples who had been married for an average of 39 years. It was asked whether the couples often argue, they understand each other's feelings and whether they get on each other's nerves. All of the subjects' answers led to a clear research result: A happy marriage requires a happy woman. What may sound too simple at first, but the researchers are well able to prove. The more comfortable the woman feels in the relationship, the happier the man is. The researcher Deborah Carr deduces this condition as follows: "I think when a woman is happy with her marriage, she tends to do more for her husband, which in turn has a positive effect on his life."So if we surprise our loved one with a delicious dinner or hot lingerie, this not only makes his heart beat faster, but also ours, as his emotional state is transferred to us. 😉

Finally, Carr explained: If the male part of the relationship is dissatisfied, this is less noticeable within the relationship. The reason given here was that men rarely discuss their feelings and thus also situations that they are less satisfied with with their partners. But in the end it could be said:"For both spouses, marriage was associated with greater life satisfaction and greater happiness."We have already uncovered for you what other fulfilled women make. ❤️

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