Is XXXTentacion still alive

Current photo - XXXTentacion still alive?

All hell is going on in the US hip-hop scene. For some months now, more and more rappers, from aspiring newcomers to seasoned superstars, have fallen victim to the social problems of the United States.

Be it Mac Miller, Lil Peep or Juice Wrld, who all fell victim to a drug cocktail when they were only 26 or 21 years old, or Nipsey Hussle and XXXTentacion, who were both shot on the street. In a very short space of time, 5 superstars died from drugs and firearms - the two leading causes of death for young men in the United States.


This development did not start with XXXTentacion. Rappers were shot before him. But the death of the 21-year-old artist was the beginning of a whole series of deaths that only continued its course a month ago with the tragic death of Juice Wrld.

On June 18, 2018, the then celebrated rapper was shot in the street during a robbery. Although he handed over the loot to the perpetrators, they murdered him in cold blood. In the meantime the 4 perpetrators have been caught and brought to justice.

But even if the authorities confirmed the act, the mystery of the death of XXX has not yet been solved for many fans. Since he played with his own death over and over again during his career, it is still suspected that he only faked the action.


Now a new picture with the US rapper has appeared, which is supposed to show him alive. Unlike many other photos of this type, however, it was not posted by a fan, but by one of his best friends. There are clear indications in the picture that it should have been taken after XXXTentacion died. You can see everything in the video below.

Here you can see the photo