Why is Portland Oregon so popular now

Uniquely Portland, Oregon: 10 Reasons to Visit

Info / recommendations | Oregon | 04.03.2018 | Photo: NashCO Photo

Portland is the largest city in Oregon and is considered to be absolutely distinctive. It is an ideal starting point for trips through Oregon - not only thanks to the non-stop connections from Condor from Frankfurt, Icelandair from Reykjavik and Delta from Amsterdam - and should not be missing on any travel route through the "beaver state"!

The trendy metropolis is an insider tip for foodies and is said to be the trendsetter among American cities. What makes Portland so unique for some is the incredibly green inner city, the proximity to nature (snow-capped mountains and the rushing waves of the Pacific are both practically on the doorstep) and the great mix of hip flair and urban quality of life. Others enjoy the local music and arts scene. There is something informal, casual and unconventional about Portland. Here you might meet a painter, a star chef, a musician and several hipsters within five minutes. At a City stroll But you will also find the best wine bars with excellent Pinot Noir from the Oregon wine region, a number of lovingly furnished shops in Victorian mansions, creative micro-breweries and hip restaurants in old factory buildings. Doesn't that sound good? Here is a video to get you in the mood:

1. Tax-free shopping
In Portland as in all of Oregon, you can save on sales tax when you shop. Here you will find both small, very personal and passionately run boutiques, as well as large malls with the well-known brands. Pioneer Place in downtown, the Lloyd Center Mall in the northeast of the city and Washington Square, a little further out, are popular shopping addresses. More information about the Portland's shoppers' paradise can be found at this link.

2. Much within walking distance
When you pick up a downtown hotel, Portland is at your feet! In hardly any other city do you have such a great selection of restaurants, nightlife, attractions and sights so close together and therefore easily accessible. Chinatown is also not far away, as are the typical food carts, which we rave about below, and the great Saturday market (which is also open on Sundays)! Everything that you cannot "run" in the blink of an eye can be reached by e-scooter, bike or tram.

3. Great parks and gardens
Be sure to check out the Rose Garden in Washington Park (hence Portland's name as the City of Roses) and Forest Park (great walks in the largest urban park in the United States). The Japanese Garden is also a great place to go, and if you have the time, check out the Oregon Zoo! Here rescued animals are given a second chance, the company sees itself as an educational institution and conservatory for endangered species. There is also a Chinese garden that is not to be missed.

4. Paradise for beer drinkers
There are around 80 breweries in the city. That almost speaks for itself. If you order a pint of a locally brewed beer and pay less than six dollars for it, you shouldn't be surprised in Portland. Compared to other states, beer is relatively cheap. You can try the beers in countless bars, but many of the breweries also offer guided tours and tastings. Cheers to that!

5. Good food
Do you like to eat? Welcome to Paradise! Portland will surprise you with its multitude of really good restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines. You should also keep an eye out for food trucks (here they are called carts). Some of them stand together in small squares or empty lots so that you can help yourself to several (see picture below left). These cart places are called pods. But the Farmers Markets are also impressive! Read more about this under point seven.

6. Exciting quarters
Portland's districts each have very different faces and are just as fascinating as the historic and rather compact Downtown with its beautiful park on the riverside. Tom McCall Waterfront Park is really a nice place to take a rest after sightseeing, although Mill Ends Park is less impressive despite its superlative: According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the smallest park in the world. You should definitely see the following districts of the city: Hawthorne Boulevard (formerly the home of the hippies, the individualism and nonconformity can still be felt here today), North Mississippi Avenue (there are great pods here) and Alberta Street in the northeast ( with many galleries, shops, bars and cafes).

7. Great farmers markets
The Farmers Markets in Portland are awesome! You will especially be fascinated by the Saturday market in downtown! But the one in the Hollywood district should also be really great. At Portland's farmers 'markets, you can feel the dealers' love for the product and understand what it means to offer farm-fresh products. Aside from fruit and vegetables, there are also delicious baked goods and food carts. Therefore, the weekly markets are also a good idea for a breakfast or lunch stop.

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8. Many destinations in the surrounding area
The snow-capped Mount Hood towers over the city as you can see in the middle picture below. It seems to give the dynamic metropolis a special vibe. At least it adorns one or the other souvenir photo. A great backdrop! There are various providers who run tours to Mount Hood from Portland and also to other destinations such as the picturesque Multnomah Falls and Latourell Falls or the Columbia River Gorge or the Pacific coast. This allows you to see some of Oregon's natural wonders without having to pack your bags again.

9. Accessibility and location
Portland is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest after Seattle and the largest city in Oregon. The hip metropolis is an ideal starting point for a round trip in this region, because there are good connections from Germany and Europe to the colorful city in the northwest. Seasonally, Condor flies non-stop to Oregon from Frankfurt and Icelandair also serves the city seasonally from Germany via Reykjavic. In addition, the Delta / KLM airline group offers year-round connections from Germany via Amsterdam.

10. Art Mecca
The lovable and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Portland, which seems to flow from every corner of the distinctive city district, the indie music and of course the creative scene in general make Portland a “place to be” for 25 to 40 year olds in particular. In some parts of the city there are also hip murals - wall paintings by local artists (see picture above left). Tip: Don't miss the First Thursday of the Arts in the Pearl and Chinatown or Old Town districts or the Last Thursday in the Alberta Arts District if you are in town at the turn of the month! So plan more than just two nights for your visit to Portland: you will know why when you are there at the latest. Portland is difficult to put into words - you have to experience this city to understand its allure. And believe us, you will very likely want to come back!