Which vegetable offends you the most

Culinary abuse : You leek!


BREAKFAST (coll. to kill someone)


BACKFISH, THE; -e (obsolete young girl)

PEAR, NOTHING IN THE; (coll. to have nothing in mind); Mud pear (coll. Idiot); Butter pear (coll. Depp); Helmut Kohl

BEANSTALK THAT; -n (coll. skinny and at the same time very tall person)

FRIED BEAR, THE; -en (coll. moderately intelligent service staff in a snack bar)

BREAD THAT; -e (coll. person of low intelligence); stupid as bread, also: stupid as toast, stupid as tinned bread; brotig (coll. stupid, unworldly) [s. Sandwich]

BULETS THAT; -n (berl./brandenb. disparaging for policewoman, female form of bull; in Brandenburg also a term for Berliners in general)

BUTTERKUH, DIE; -cows (coll. obese person)


COUCHPOTATO, THE; -s (coll. lazy and overweight person); literally translated: sofa potato


DÖNERTIER, DAS; -e (coll. idiot, person with two left hands)


EGG, LAZY, THAT; -er (coll. person with little vigor and determination)

ICE, BAKE YOURSELF IN (coll. leave me alone; don't mess me up)

EIERKOPP, THE; -köppe (coll. human of low intelligence; occasionally also derived from "egg head" as an insult to an intellectual)

PEA COUNTER, THE; - (coll. small-checked person), two peas on the snack board (swab. small breasts)


FRY THAT; -n (coll. someone who looks ridiculous)

FRYER, HAVE YOU BATHED IN THE? (coll. Are you stupid?)

FROG EATER, THE; - (racial for French)

FRUIT ZWERG, THE; -e (coll. small man with many children)


FACE STEW, THE; -pots (coll. person with ugly face)

CUCUMBER THAT; -n (coll. incompetent or clumsy person); Gurkenverein, Gurkentruppe (coll. Bad team); Cucumber Gomez


HOEES, THE; -n (coll. person with a very unsightly face)

HANSWURST, THE; - sausages (coll. person who makes himself look ridiculous through boastful or stupid behavior) [s. Hot dog]

HERRING, THE; -e (coll. skinny man)

HOHLRABI, THE; -s (coll. stupid person; made up of hollow [see chives] and kohlrabi)


POTATO THAT; -n: (coarse for autochthonous Germans, mostly used by young people of Arab or Turkish origin)

COOKIE THAT; -e (coll. spinner); to have a biscuit (coll. to spin); Morbus biscuit (coll. Not quite right in the head), ass biscuit (old for asshole); wet biscuit in the shoe (swab. have a crazy idea)

KLOPS, THE; -e (berl. Depp; also: fat thing; fat person)

KLOSS, THE; Dumplings (coll. Fat person); Funeral lump (person who pulls others down with their mood)

TUBULAR NOSE THAT; -n (coll. thick, misshapen olfactory organ)

TO BE CRISP, NOT WHOLE (coll. when someone no longer ticks properly)

DONUT FACE THAT; -er (coll. ugly person)

KRAUT, DER; (racial for German), Krautscheuche (brandenb. ugly person)

REFRIGERATOR, THE; -cabinets (coll. emotionally cold person)

KÜMMELTURK, THE; -n (outdated for a resident of Halle / Saale, where a lot of caraway was once grown; today racial for Turk)


LAUCH, THE; -e (coll. Depp, idiot) [s. Chives]

LOLLIPOP THAT; - (coll. failure)

LIVER SAUSAGE, OFFENDED, THE; sausages (coll. a resentful person) [s. Hot dog]


MILK FACE THAT; -er (coll. inexperienced or immature boy); also: Milchbubi, Milchbart

MOSTKOPF, THE; - heads (Swabian stupid), Mostmeggl (Swabian large skull)

MÜSLI, THE; -s (coll. followers of the animal and / or environmental protection movement, mostly used in the plural)


NUT, HOLLOW, THE; nuts (coll. stupid man; also: stupid nut, dumb nut)


FRUIT, DON'T MAKE YOURSELF (berl. Don't be ridiculous!)


PEPPER SACK, THE; -säcke (coll. rich, inconsiderate man; often as a term for the collected Hanseatic upper class)

PORTION, HALF THAT; -en (coll. small, weak person)

PUDDING STEAMER, THE; - (coll. seriously overweight person)

PRESSWURST, THE; - sausages (coll. fat person in too tight clothes)


QUARK, DON'T RED (coll. don't tell nonsense)


RICE EATER, THE; - (racial for Asians)

ROLLMOPS, THE; -möpse (coll. fat person)

ROTZLÖFFEL, DER; - (coll. cheeky minor)

BEET EATING THAT; -n (coll. despicable person)

BEET NOSE, THE; -n (coll. drunkard nose)

RÜHREI ON FEET, THAT; -er (coll. ugly person)


JUMP ASS, THE; asses (coll. idiot); Juice bag (coll. Unreliable person), juice shop (coll. Poorly organized operation), juice push (coll. Stewardess)

FOAM THAT; - (coll. show-off, show-off)

SIGLING OF WATER HANGS ON THE CURVE LIKE ONE (coll. paraphrase for a sick, listless or exhausted person)

CHIVE, THE; - (coll. disrespectful for police officers: "green outside, hollow inside") [s. Leek]

SCHNITZEL THAT; - (coll. madman)

ASPARAGUS TARZAN, THE; -e (coll. skinny young person)

SOUP CASPAR, THE; - (coll. embarrassing person)

PIG JAW THAT; -n (coll. despicable person)

SPAGHETTI EATER, THE; - (racial for Italians)

SPAGHETTISULTAN, THE; -e (coll. operator of a snack bar that has specialties from different regions of the world on the menu)

SPINACH QUAIL, THE; -n (coll. quirky older woman)

STINKMOREL, THE; -n (coll. person who emits an extremely unpleasant body odor)

STOCKFISH, THE; -e (coll. boring and lazy person)

CUFF, THE; -n (inf. stupid human); stulle (coll. stupid, stupid) [from Latin stultus = stupid]


DOUGHY (coll. pale, spongy)

TOMATO, FAITHFUL, THE; -n (coll. man who breaks promises)

TRANIG (coll. listless, slow, unmotivated)


WAFFLE, HAVE ONE (coll. spinning, not being quite right in the head)

SOFT FRUIT THAT; -fruits (coll. hesitant person)

WINDBAG, THE; - (coll. superficial and unreliable person)

SAUSAGE THAT; - (also: sausage; coll. person who would like to be more than they are)


CINNAMONY, THE; -n (coll. person who gets upset about trivialities; derived from goat / goat complaining animal] and cinnamon [dialect for junk, worthless stuff])

Photo credit article picture leek: Rasbak via Wikimedia [CC BY-SA 3.0]

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